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Vol.114,115,116 Ten Ways to Get Better at Chess
Senior FIDE Trainer and International Master Andrew Martin chooses easy-to-understand key ideas to help you improve. Adopt his simple recommendations and y...
Subido: el 06/01/11 a las 5:56 am
Autor: Paul Azzurro
Duración: 12:50
Valoración: 4.7017546
Vistas: 74905
Chess Strategy : Evolution of Style #59 - Rise of Capablanca - game vs Bernstein - Berlin Defense
Playlists: ▻Kingscrusher's Greatest Hit Videos! : ▻Play FREE onl...
Subido: el 05/02/11 a las 11:40 am
Autor: kingscrusher
Duración: 21:35
Valoración: 4.917526
Vistas: 8510
Chess Openings: Fried Liver Attack
The fried liver attack is a super aggressive opening that derives from the two knights defense in the italian game. White looks to sacrifice his...
Subido: el 23/05/10 a las 11:15 pm
Autor: thechesswebsite
Duración: 10:59
Valoración: 4.862789
Vistas: 557546
Short Vs. Kasparov - Speed Chess Challenge Final Game Live at the Hippodrome, 1987. World Champion Garry Kasparov goes against the highest rated British player Nigel Short for the London...
Subido: el 25/07/11 a las 1:38 pm
Autor: Arkham Noir
Duración: 22:52
Valoración: 4.8246155
Vistas: 629698
Most Attacking Chess Game-1 (Trompowsky-Vaganian Gambit)
FACEBOOK :- How to play aggressive chess?, How to play attacking chess?, Trompowosky Attack, Trompowsky-Vaganian Gambit, A...
Subido: el 25/11/12 a las 11:32 am
Autor: GJ_Chess
Duración: 16:23
Valoración: 4.9108634
Vistas: 45449
Napoleon Bonaparte Chess Game vs The Turk - The most famous person ever to lose to a machine!
Playlists: ▻Kingscrusher's Greatest Hit Videos! : ▻Play FREE onl...
Subido: el 04/06/12 a las 5:51 pm
Autor: kingscrusher
Duración: 11:32
Valoración: 4.866667
Vistas: 7857
Kasparov Vs Short - Blitz Chess Game 7
Chess Super-Grandmasters and longtime rivals Gary Kasparov and Nigel Short engage in an exciting high level exhibition match of Blitz Chess. This is the 7th...
Subido: el 29/01/13 a las 9:47 am
Autor: Arkham Noir
Duración: 13:54
Valoración: 4.435523
Vistas: 277052
Mikhail Tal : 1965-74 Instructive Game selection - World Chess Champion (
Kingscrusher's Greatest Hit Videos! : ▻Play FREE online chess at [Event "Bled"] [Site "02"] [Date "1965...
Subido: el 02/11/11 a las 10:49 pm
Autor: kingscrusher
Duración: 07:36
Valoración: 4.824176
Vistas: 11019
Best chess trap ever
This is a great trap, I used it to win a few tournament games. It starts off with the (1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6)...
Subido: el 11/04/10 a las 3:29 am
Autor: chelseafc779
Duración: 00:46
Valoración: 4.073497
Vistas: 226340
10 Golden Moves | Chess
Watch more How to Play Chess videos: Learn 10 golden chess moves from Chess NYC in this Howcas...
Subido: el 25/11/13 a las 10:48 pm
Autor: Howcast
Duración: 01:37
Valoración: 4.840849
Vistas: 79481
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