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Garry Kasparov's alternative to the Ruy Lopez: Scotch Game Overview - Dual commentary
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Subido: el 30/04/12 a las 5:43 pm
Autor: kingscrusher
Duración: 45:25
Valoración: 4.8421054
Vistas: 8737
Chess Openings- Scotch Game
The Scotch Game is a very useful chess alternative for the Ruy Lopez that usually takes place with the first 2 moves. We will analyze...
Subido: el 30/03/09 a las 9:10 pm
Autor: thechesswebsite
Duración: 09:35
Valoración: 4.5764413
Vistas: 124957
Chess Openings - Scotch
Chess openings - Scotch See more on the Scotch Game at Get more info about major chess openings at
Subido: el 10/06/12 a las 3:54 pm
Autor: Dereque Kelley
Duración: 12:23
Valoración: 4.9439254
Vistas: 26583
How many pieces are you willing to sacrifice? Karjakin vs Malinin - Scotch Game - Steinitz Variation
How many pieces are you willing to sacrifice? In July 2002, a 12-year-old IM named Sergey Karjakin provided us one way to answer that question....
Subido: el 12/09/12 a las 12:45 am
Autor: Piewalkermatt
Duración: 09:33
Valoración: 4.368421
Vistas: 2369
Chess Openings: How to Play the Scotch Game!
Sign up for FREE online play at! IM Rensch brings some of his own special stuff to our Chess Openings playlist...
Subido: el 27/11/12 a las 10:41 pm
Duración: 08:17
Valoración: 4.964602
Vistas: 10833
Chess Openings: The Scotch Game
The Scotch Game! Subscribe: *FACEBOOK: *TWITTER:
Subido: el 01/12/12 a las 12:01 am
Autor: CHESSandLearning
Duración: 05:31
Valoración: 4.714286
Vistas: 1236
Scotch Game
Learn how to play with and against the Scotch Game or Scotch Opening. The open that grandmasters Kasparov and Timman helped to re-popularize, when they...
Subido: el 26/10/12 a las 2:23 am
Autor: Tyrone Ferrara
Duración: 13:40
Valoración: 4.5
Vistas: 880
Chess Openings Scotch Game
Subido: el 20/01/14 a las 2:30 am
Autor: Raza X
Duración: 09:35
Valoración: 3.0
Vistas: 55
Brilliant Scotch Game
Brilliant Scotch Game Dunbar - Chawkin USA WCH USA WCH, 1925 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.d4 exd4 4.Nxd4 Bc5 5.Be3 d6 [5...Qf6 6.Nb5 Bxe3 7.fxe3...
Subido: el 28/08/11 a las 4:46 am
Autor: MatoJelic
Duración: 02:39
Valoración: 4.9574466
Vistas: 4908
Amazing Game : Garry Kasparov vs Nigel Short - Linares 1992 - Scotch Game (C45) (
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Subido: el 29/12/07 a las 4:07 pm
Autor: kingscrusher
Duración: 09:57
Valoración: 4.965035
Vistas: 28356
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