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ZNKR Iaido (Seitei) kata with Noboru Ogura. A clear demonstration and explanation about the Zen Nippon Kendo Renmei kata which are performed in Iaido. For studying purposes I've re-edited the video so that the key points of attentions come directly after the demonstration. This was normally a separate part of the DVD. For more information about Japanese swords (iaito, shinken, wakizashi and nihonto), martial arts & sword customization: www.thesamuraiworkshop.com - The most qualified store for iaito and shinken www.facebook.com/TheSa uraiWorkshop - the best place to stay up to date about sword customizations. Very regular posts about how the Japanese sword & katana are made, hand-made sword fittings, and sword repairs

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Subido: 15/01/10 a las 10:06 am
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Luis Rios (el 20/11/12 a las 3:59 pm)
do you even lift?
hammerchords (el 14/05/13 a las 10:20 pm)
Good video, but the practicality and usefulness of the what was shown would be lacking in many aspects and would leave something to be desired. But thanks again for the video.

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