Clinton Kicks the Crap out of Fox News Part 2



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He wiped the smirk off their faces.

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Peter Perfect (el 17/11/14 a las 5:37 pm)
The USA is the most violent racist militaralized state in the world The USA imprisons more people than a totalitarian state for trivial things such as smoking weed. The USA is the greatest source of violence in the world The biggest terrorist organisation in the world is the US military. The USA imprisons children and holds prisoners of war without observing the Geneva Convention, The USA allows lynching of black people by white people whenever they feel "threatened" by them such as a black man putting his hand in his pocket and a white man then has the right to kill him because he "might" have had a gun. The USA has over a 1000 military bases all over the world occupying other countries. In the USA voters have only one more choice than a dictatorship in a corrupt phoney electoral system. If you are an American grab a gun unite with others and overthrow the fascist, corporate dictatorship that has overtaken your government. You did it in 1776 it needs to be done again.
Yor Betters (el 21/10/14 a las 6:11 pm)
Too bad I can't sit across the table from this rapist draft dodger. I would have said: "Willie, you are a rapist and a yellow bellied, draft dodging coward. You turned the other cheek time and time again after Bin Laden attacked us like the first TC bombing, attack on the USS Cole and bombing two US Embassies. The only missile you fired in anger were the wads you fired off in Monica. Bin Laden plotted, trained and staged 9/11 while you were taking BJ's in the Oval Office. YOU, SIR, on 99% culpable for 9/11. PUSSY."
joe cole (el 02/08/14 a las 2:52 am)
Well liberals you must be hurting. The recent audiotape of Bill Clinton from Australia has proven Fox News was on the right track. If this information upsets you like I think it does, I would urge you too call the suicide hotline
Ryan M (el 29/10/14 a las 1:27 am)
A a wild Fox News reporter appears! Go Bill Clinton! ...Fox uses Intimidating Question! It's not very effective... ...Bill Clinton uses Counter Argument! Fox has fainted! 
Zen Marshall (el 25/10/14 a las 1:44 pm)
You liberals know that Clinton killed more people than Bush right? why is Bush branded a war criminal but Clinton is not?
sergio castillo (el 21/10/14 a las 9:20 pm)
George Bush was a piece of shit and I hope he rots in hell!....
Kevin Sipos (el 21/10/14 a las 7:09 am)
Bill Clinton is the few smartest Democrats alive. Get rid of Obama we need another police man.
Red Reaper (el 31/07/14 a las 2:08 am)
So Bill Clinton tried to find Osama bin Laden but failed. But he also says that he tried. How am I suppose know who's really telling the truth without the facts to back it up? This scenario or argument is a clear he said, she said type of thing. I don't know if Bush tried either. But Obama give the order to kill (probably the first choice) or to capture him. Here we are several years after Osama has been killed and everybody is still at each others throats about Al Qaeda and Osama. Come on people. Osama bin Laden deserved to die. 
Scott Holzknecht (el 29/10/14 a las 4:07 am) I should read Richard Clarke's book?
Hugh Min (el 27/09/14 a las 5:03 pm)
Bin Laden was dead years before this interview. Jus sayin..

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