Grandmaster Veselin Topalov Vs GM Gata Kamsky - 2011 World Championship Candidates Tournament



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♕ OCL SHOP: http://www.onlinechesslessons.... 2011 World Championship Candidates Tournament, Quarterfinals Match -- Game 2: GM Veselin Topalov (Bulgaria, 2775) Vs GM Gata Kamsky (USA, 2732). Topalov leads with d4, which Kamsky answers with the Grunfeld. Topalov employs a strange sideline variation 5. Qb3, 8. Qa3, and 9. 0-0-0. Kamsky takes his time to logically develop his pieces, making white's strategy look very ineffective. As black mobilizes and organizes his pieces without creating a single weakness in his position, white is unable to break in the center nor achieve counterplay on the h-file, while his queen is abandoned out of play on a3 and his king is lonely without adequate defense on c1. Kamsky capitalizes on all of these factors to create a crushing attack. A fantastic game by Kamsky, creeping all over the board until his position is simply too overwhelming. CORRESPONDING ARTICLE WITH INTERACTIVE BOARD, TOURNAMENT ANALYSIS, OTHER GAMES AND MORE: http://www.onlinechesslessons.... Interface:

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Subido: 13/05/11 a las 12:04 am
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allyc1965 . (el 27/11/14 a las 9:43 pm)
kiitoob (el 17/01/12 a las 2:20 pm)
HiroTheWhiteDawn (el 21/03/12 a las 1:47 pm)
@OnlineChessLessons i think it means "first turn kill". a term used in trading card games. there are certain combinations which make it possible to win during the first turn of the game, thus leaving the opponent unable to defend properly. i got here by chance and the last time i "played" chess was many years ago with my dad. however it was really interesting to watch.
OnlineChessLessons.NET (el 15/05/11 a las 5:36 pm)
@TsukuyomiUchiha sorry i wasn't super clear about that. black was lining up that Bxe3+ to pick off white's rook on h1, so Topalov played Rh4 to overprotect his position.
OnlineChessLessons.NET (el 29/08/12 a las 5:56 pm)
check out our recent vids - quality has skyrocketed. thanks for feedback, will
xoxksa (el 17/01/12 a las 12:36 am)
5:17 Why doesn't Black play Nxc3? If white plays Qxc3 he loses the a-pawn and surely bxc3 is a favorable position for black.
Joseph Donahue (el 09/08/13 a las 5:57 am)
You say the Qa3 move had to be homework prep, but frankly even apart from being ugly looking it never really contributed to anything. I haven't fed it to an engine or anything but I would almost call that just a flat out mistake. Qc2 practically screams at me here, and it looks a lot better in subsequent lines.
OnlineChessLessons.NET (el 29/08/12 a las 5:56 pm)
Hey Mr. PazPax - thanks for your support from the start of our channel. I'd like to show my appreciation and send you a 50% off coupon for digital items in our online shop. Send me a PM and i'll respond with your custom coupon code. Cheers and thanks again, Will
Mason James (el 14/05/11 a las 5:55 pm)
at 7:27 could black have played Bxe3+ with a discovered attack on the white rook?
dickmann1979 (el 12/01/13 a las 1:35 am)
think white a pawn is poisened, if black takes it, white will play b3 and the bishop has no chance to come out. so next white move will be kb2 and then taking the bishop.

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