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Some say it's called "Quiero ser tu sombra" (wanna be your shadow), apparently by Hector Quattromanos and Zulema Alcayaga but this tune has been claimed by many people. Thanks to a fellow YouTube user who did some research, we now know that the tune I play is in fact traditional. It's such a great piece - I love the slinkiness of it (if that's not a word, it is now). The Paraguayan harp is amazing - the sound on this recording is just noise-reduced, no other audio treatment - you can hear the sparkly treble and deep bass. The harp has guitar-type tuners (machine heads) which can be a bit fiddly near the middle of the harp, where it curves inwards. You hardly have to touch the strings to make it work - and when you play loud, the strings have the characteristic "twang" which you can use for special effects. I bought it at the Stamford Harp Festival and there's a rolled-up banknote in the end of the harp at the top - I can't get it out so who knows what it's worth! Apparently people would put banknotes in between the strings or into the top, as a tip. If you're a harpist, you might spot that the strings don't follow the conventional colours because Paraguayan harps have the C string in blue, and the F string in red, the reverse of other harps. I'm playing it in my annex, which was a bakery serving the local houses, built around 1790 - that's the bread oven in the stone wall behind me. This is another of my late-night recordings, and it's the first complete take - so there's the odd rough bit. The arrangement and video is my copyright. You are welcome to learn and play the arrangement if you like it - but please credit me if you play it in public. If you like it, I'll post more music. The video was recorded using a 3-CCD camera direct to hard disk, and I used Cool Edit Pro to noise reduce the audio and Adobe Premiere Pro for picture correction. If you want a higher-quality file to download and put on your computer, leave me a message and I'll send you the link.

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Shelby Fields (el 04/01/09 a las 1:10 am)
I want to play the harp... BADLY! But my mom wont lwt me because I am learning to play teh flute and cello right now. I think the instrument is very beautiful. How hard is it to learn to play the nylon strung harp? Also, what are good, regular prices on it?
phoranea (el 16/02/09 a las 6:43 pm)
Si miras debajo del apartado "more info" te daras cuenta que el corrigio su error :) Saludos!
Ugljesa Popovic (el 08/05/09 a las 10:12 pm)
wooow the way you play you could tame the biggist of beast :)
bunoy20 (el 14/11/08 a las 12:11 pm)
nice music to listen to. well done.
moanrock (el 26/05/09 a las 9:46 pm)
it's like turkish country music.. charming!
aMUSEher (el 16/06/10 a las 12:57 am)
gracewithsix (el 03/01/09 a las 4:15 pm)
We came to visit this clip because my daughters want to choose an instrument to learn to play. This was an excellent clip in showing the girls how the harp can sound. I think it inspired them.
vietnproud (el 08/11/10 a las 10:47 am)
Do you have this as a mp3 recording or anything of the sort? It's beautiful! :D
Jessica Cochrane (el 05/11/13 a las 12:12 am)
This makes my ears pipe up and really sends vibrations all through my body. I love the harp, you really play it beautifully.
wolfravenz (el 20/09/13 a las 6:12 am)
Que bellesa.

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