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DeadHead211 (el 28/05/15 a las 8:53 am)
Laughable propaganda to justify turning White countries non White by "diversity" Remember folks, this isn't the global love party they want you to believe it is, "diversity" is just a code word for WHITE GENOCIDE
Monete Baker (el 26/05/15 a las 10:33 pm)
İlginç İnternet (el 29/04/15 a las 8:32 pm)
I didn't understand, because I'm bad at listening skill. Please add subtitles. I really want to watch and understand it. :)
homie (el 21/05/15 a las 4:17 pm)
01:59 420 blaze it
Reezy37 (el 26/02/15 a las 3:45 pm)
For those who think this video is about race think again. It simply has to do with the different education systems in the world and how just because one school may look richer and more prestigious than another school in a poorer country it doesn't necessarily mean that the children in the wealthier school are learning better than the kids in the poorer school. It also shows that for a child no matter what race they are going to a wealthier school for the first time can be a pain in the ass since they are likely to picked on by the other kids even kids that are the same race as they are simply because they originally came from a poorer place.
ongoiba1 (el 16/03/15 a las 8:34 am)
Don't say ''African'' boy, precise his country of origin, a malgash, a tuareg are also ''African boy'' and for the 1000 time Africa is not a country it's a continent, stop to singularize it 
Narda LM (el 12/01/15 a las 8:21 am)
jesus christ. i love how white people always complain about minorities making actual racial situations into a "race thing" but here we see a bunch of white people misconstruing a beautiful film about the innocence of children. this has nothing to do with racism at all. anyone who thinks so is an actual ignorant moron. this film is about a boy who came from a setting where his father taught a class in a poor country where he was murdered by terrorists and how this child witnessed his own father's death and then was placed in a completely new setting where he felt completely uncomfortable by everything. (the only part that race plays into this film is that most of the people at his new school are white and he feels like he doesn't belong) he begins to be bullied by another boy who he eventually sees that he's not so different from when they both laugh at the argument between the teacher and the little girl. he realizes that it's okay for him to smile and it's okay for him to laugh even after the tragedy he faced. he remembers his father through the laughter and the happiness and damn this is beautiful.
Thrash Lord (el 28/05/15 a las 9:17 am)
who the fuck made this garbage ?.. its the exact opposite of this ..
Monete Baker (el 26/05/15 a las 10:34 pm)
DJ Meijer
samuel borgh (el 04/07/14 a las 11:01 pm)
wtf did i just see

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