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BlackPawnMartyr chess (el 18/12/13 a las 8:10 am)
marcelo arraes (el 28/02/12 a las 9:43 pm)
U know what i really like, games where u loose, i feel like u can teach us much more facing better oponents than you! keep it up and thank you!
lastwarrior2004 (el 28/02/12 a las 4:05 am)
nice, it would be nice if you had a different chessboard to analyse the game, I don't like how the chesscude one won't like you move the pieces.
dm9910 (el 28/02/12 a las 4:19 am)
dayum, i thought you were going to struggle for time but then you got that pin on the queen and completely slaughtered him. nice.
Milan Van Baekel (el 28/02/12 a las 10:00 pm)
great game man. You really make top quality videoss
Leif Thiborg (el 28/02/12 a las 7:26 pm)
very good commentary
emmathepony (el 28/02/12 a las 4:43 pm)
your such a good player jerry
SIDHARTH POONJA (el 28/02/12 a las 4:38 am)
keep comin dem up dude!!!
trixapete (el 01/03/12 a las 12:05 am)
why challenge someone so much lower rated?
Roger C. Downs (el 06/03/12 a las 10:31 pm)
I have always been a fan of Kingscrusher's live commentaries of over 3,000, but after discovering your site , I find that your live and past games analysis are superior to K's and your sense of humor is just as good. If you had more commentaries and some hoe advertised your site more, you would soon be number 1 mainly because of the analysis - to the point, not reciting combination potentials but filling up your discourse mainly on the explanation of straegy, both yours and you opponent's.

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