Famous Chess Game: Fischer vs Panno



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As voted on by the chess group on Facebook, Bobby Fischer is the most popular chess player of all time so I wanted to make a video going over one of this games. Make sure to check out more great chess content at: http://www.thechesswebsite.com...

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Subido: 17/08/10 a las 6:30 pm
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Ultimos comentarios:
ilkinond (el 13/04/14 a las 11:38 am)
Cool video - thanks for the upload!
Sandeep Murthy (el 27/03/14 a las 9:24 pm)
Bobby Fisher... Bobby Fisher.... Bobby Fisher.... BOBBBBYYYY FISSSHHHERRR... yeah :) But seriously, they guy was a genius... always inspiring.
Chilly Moth (el 06/11/13 a las 12:35 pm)
Brilliant King's Indian Attack Game!!
TheFatbip (el 02/12/13 a las 4:56 am)
That was a great game. Thanks for uploading it.
Locutus D'Borg (el 19/11/13 a las 8:13 pm)
Kevin, the speaker, is a very strong player and excellent explainer of moves. Thanks for the video.
Ryan Cushman (el 15/04/14 a las 4:00 am)
Kevin, what software are you using? Thanks Ryan 
txdang2009 (el 23/03/14 a las 7:38 am)
I'm a beginner and I love your videos. It has improved my game alot.
imaginethat01 (el 23/03/14 a las 7:59 am)
So many haters in the comment section. You give great explanations the whole way through. Eloquent and concise. It's not easy to speak for 20-30 minutes about anything, let alone an intricate chess match.
John Shanley (el 25/12/13 a las 10:13 am)
19:54. . . How can the queen go to g7???
Sean Lynch (el 13/11/13 a las 4:46 am)
I loved this game and thoroughly enjoyed the presentation. Thanks for sharing!

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