Famous Chess Game: Fischer vs Panno



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As voted on by the chess group on Facebook, Bobby Fischer is the most popular chess player of all time so I wanted to make a video going over one of this games. Make sure to check out more great chess content at: http://www.thechesswebsite.com...

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Ultimos comentarios:
Alex Golembeski (el 22/06/14 a las 10:09 pm)
Why didn't Fischer bring his Bishop to g5 and pin black's knight to his queen?
Mike Black (el 09/07/14 a las 10:06 am)
Thanks for the vid. I did learn something--keep it basic but stay creative....
Chilly Moth (el 06/11/13 a las 1:35 pm)
Brilliant King's Indian Attack Game!!
ilkinond (el 13/04/14 a las 1:38 pm)
Cool video - thanks for the upload!
TheFatbip (el 02/12/13 a las 5:56 am)
That was a great game. Thanks for uploading it.
Locutus D'Borg (el 19/11/13 a las 9:13 pm)
Kevin, the speaker, is a very strong player and excellent explainer of moves. Thanks for the video.
Sandeep Murthy (el 27/03/14 a las 10:24 pm)
Bobby Fisher... Bobby Fisher.... Bobby Fisher.... BOBBBBYYYY FISSSHHHERRR... yeah :) But seriously, they guy was a genius... always inspiring.
manuel felix (el 11/07/14 a las 9:10 pm)
With a closed centre, and long diagonal O.Panno was already lost. The attempt at "counter play" on the queen side by black was useless. Space is crucial in master play.
txdang2009 (el 23/03/14 a las 8:38 am)
I'm a beginner and I love your videos. It has improved my game alot.
Dale Kravets (el 11/06/14 a las 5:39 am)
Thanks for the Vid. will check out some more.

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