Game of the Century - Bobby Fischer vs Donald Byrne



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In the Chess Game of the Century, a 13 yr old Bobby Fischer showed the world that he was going to be a force in the chess world. Enjoy the commentary and the game. Be sure to check out more analysis at The software in the video can be found at and

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LeafInTheStream (el 24/08/14 a las 10:11 am)
The title of this video is wrong; it should say Donald Byrne vs Bobby Fischer. The name of the player with the White pieces *always* comes first.
Darnell Branch (el 06/12/14 a las 9:11 pm)
Ross Koumantarakis (el 12/12/14 a las 12:10 am)
Nh4 I'm a freaking genius guys im half drunk and didn't bother calculating any lines but it did look promising woohoo I'm going to have another drink, it's obviously making me smart
Rahul Kumar (el 17/12/14 a las 4:07 pm)
byrne could have taken rook @13:37
Robby (el 29/09/14 a las 6:32 am)
How many different scenarios can chess grandmasters anticipate within maybe 5 moves made in the game?
Mike Lipsey (el 03/06/14 a las 3:43 pm)
Seriously, after saying the full "Bobby Fischer" the first 15 times, I think you can just say "Fischer." You address the other man as just "Byrne," why not "Fischer"?
Cody Williams (el 08/04/14 a las 10:10 am)
Jørgen Skår Fischer (el 14/12/14 a las 11:32 pm)
at 21:16, why doesn't fischer play Nd6 protecting the pawn on b7, and attacking the Knight on f3? Byrne cant recapture with the pawn due to discovered check. Can byrne prevent mate with Ne1 maybe?
Fuck Google (el 19/08/14 a las 4:16 am)
At 22:00 why didn't Fischer instead play BD6? He would have checked the King and attacked the Queen, and the Bishop would be protected by the knight. He would have gotten a free Queen if he did this. Is there something I'm missing?
AQWgelever (el 23/11/14 a las 7:48 pm)
donald bryne doesn't need to be sad to played this game and losed, atleast he is populair ^^

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