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hioxovo (el 09/02/15 a las 8:55 pm)
My internet history says I have great porn structure too.
Michael Foster (el 16/03/15 a las 11:00 pm)
Hey Kevin, I really enjoy your videos and they have taught me a lot, and I know this is a minor detail, but why do you always switch between a blue and white board and a brown and white board? I personally prefer the brown and white board.
Tom Walsh (el 27/12/14 a las 8:06 pm)
16:00 if you guessed this move, I dont believe you =D funny 
Arun Chandar (el 03/03/15 a las 11:09 pm)
Thanks Kevin, nice video. What would have happened if Donald refused to capture the Queen... ? 
rchiesse (el 19/04/15 a las 7:12 am)
WOW! This is not "Byrne vs Fischer". THIS IS "Byrne vs STOCKFischer"!!!
Μάριος Αντωνίου (el 14/03/15 a las 3:18 pm)
Bobby Fischer the most talented chess player of all time.
MrBobDerp (el 19/03/15 a las 7:21 pm)
13!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? man i suck at this game :L
Luke Pretorius (el 05/05/15 a las 9:32 pm)
Bobby could make art with a chessboard...
Jeff Otterby (el 06/04/15 a las 2:00 am)
Kevin, Great video. Quick question...why didn't Byrne take the rook on f8 when his bishop was on e7?
QRS2013 (el 13/04/15 a las 5:47 am)
Man, Fischer played this flawlessly, I could never do something like this in my wildest dreams!

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