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The truth about Sarah Grunfeld and how a university, the media and Jewish community leaders unjustifiably turned against her. Please contact The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) and urge them to issue an apology to Sarah and to do more to protect Jewish students on campus. There are 48 paid staff people at CIJA, you can contact any one of them by emailing

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TheCollism (el 08/02/12 a las 2:59 pm)
Yasher Koach Sarah, to call this a travesty of justice only touches the surface of the problems that exist not only at York U. but unfortunately with Jewish Organizations that play the game and the media who don't do their investigative homework.
Yisrael Medad (el 07/02/12 a las 2:04 pm)
Keep it up. Be of courage.
bjl301 (el 07/02/12 a las 11:53 am)
Thank You,Sarah!
EIFG78 (el 17/02/12 a las 2:35 am)
York "University" must pay for this as do all the other protagonists in this sordid affair strictly within the law, of course. They have been getting away with this systematic victimization of Jews for far too long with the help of the "liberal" media.
EIFG78 (el 17/02/12 a las 2:11 am)
I am of course outraged and boiling with anger and mad as hell at this utterly disgusting travesty, but cannot say I am shocked. York University has a series of mega-sized anti-Jewish scandals behind it just the past few years. We all could read about these in the various media, in my case in the israeli media. It is hardly a "University" imo, but a wretched, miserable brainwashing factory - occasionally - traficcing in antisemitism hatred and Jew-hatred. It's a colossal scandal what happened.
MrFattyfatfatboy (el 16/02/12 a las 10:33 am)
remember that jewish girl caught spray painting swastikas on her locker, it sounds like the same story ,and this day and age you have mobile phones to record anything, but at the same time what that guy said on both accounts is not just anti semitism but anti humanism and im catholic.
EIFG78 (el 17/02/12 a las 2:12 am)
As a pro-Israel "warrior" activist in my own case I wish you utmost strength, stamina and courage facing down the DARKNESS of our times. I proudly undertake and proclaim my name here. Best wishes Sarah, Gábor Fränkl Budapest, Hungary East-Central Europe (non-native English speaker, Hungarian)
ShmutzExposer1 (el 03/02/12 a las 7:43 am)
Cameron Johnston is not the professor's real name. He changed his name from Robert Lawrence to Cameron Johnston a few years ago. Why would a professor with 20+ years of teaching experience suddenly change his name? What is he hiding?
MyMelnick (el 05/02/12 a las 6:30 am)
noone recorded the lecture...?
pudding7 (el 07/02/12 a las 12:09 am)
Sounds like the professor just mangled his presentation.

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