Akobian's Grunfeld - Part 1



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Varuzhan Akobian reveals how to deal with the Grunfeld Defense by taking it head-on with 8 Be3 in the Modern Exchange variation - a system that Akobian himself plays and has had a lot of success with against top opposition! Visit http://www.chess.fm to check out the complete series!

Canal: Education
Subido: 17/10/11 a las 1:21 am
Autor: ICCchessFM

Duración: 26:41
Valoración: 5.0
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Ultimos comentarios:
zendenball (el 11/11/11 a las 6:54 am)
thx alot big man!
rohmann000 (el 11/11/11 a las 1:10 am)
At 23:51 Black plays ...Kd7, thus provoking Kb7, and then when the pawn race starts white's king will block the diagonal.
Bernardo Sztokbant (el 27/10/11 a las 10:03 am)
on minute 14:40 Kc4 is bad move, you missed Qxd8
Josh Winiberg (el 25/10/11 a las 7:30 am)
Very instructive endgame! Thanks
banda5k1 (el 17/10/11 a las 2:06 am)
Fantastic! :D
reddevilkev (el 11/02/13 a las 3:20 pm)
i don't like the knight on f3 because of the pin on g4 putting even more pressure on white's center
HardieUK (el 17/10/11 a las 7:29 pm)
i thought i was getting good at chess, but you are on a different planet

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