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Satanist to Christian (INCREDIBLE TESTIMONY)
PLEASE WATCH. It maybe the most important 20 minutes of your life. Jesus saves. God bless. (700 Club - Life Beyond The Grave Part 2)...
Subido: el 02/02/13 a las 5:33 am
Autor: ScreenMonkeyMan
Duración: 20:39
Valoración: 4.616884
Vistas: 966220
The Greatest Christian Persecution in history begins 2017
This video discusses the coming Christian persecutions to America and warns the Saints of GOD to prepare. Copyright and 'fair use' disclaimer: This education...
Subido: el 18/02/14 a las 4:39 am
Autor: Levi Price
Duración: 15:00
Valoración: 4.1165414
Vistas: 137203
Michael Jr Comedy Christian Church Comedian
Michael Jr Comedy Christian Church Comedian Michael Jr Comedy Christian Church Comedian Bio (from Once in a...
Subido: el 03/05/13 a las 5:07 am
Autor: Pastor Jose Velez
Duración: 31:29
Valoración: 4.767214
Vistas: 486023
Atheist vs Christian Fundraiser
Two different organizations raise money for the same cause. Should the organization really matter? Would YOU donate? End the stigma. Bria and Chrissy's video: "The...
Subido: el 14/09/14 a las 8:19 pm
Autor: JaclynGlenn
Duración: 05:48
Valoración: 4.9564657
Vistas: 70304
"Double-KO to the Nuts in a Christian Fight" - Fight Church Clip
For more info - Watch the Trailer: --- Fight Church follows several cage...
Subido: el 15/09/14 a las 5:12 pm
Autor: storkba
Duración: 01:41
Valoración: 3.131579
Vistas: 196477
Atheist Scientist Becomes Christian After Researching Evidence - Hugh Ross, PhD
Astronomer and physicist Hugh Ross gives his testimony of his scientific journey from atheist to Christianity. This is part of the "Ex-Atheists Who Converted...
Subido: el 25/04/14 a las 8:08 am
Autor: Christianity Reason and Science
Duración: 41:10
Valoración: 4.3838863
Vistas: 23899
Christian Persecution : Christianity sweeps China as Government Police Crack Down (Sept 16, 2014)
SOURCE: News Articles: Chinese Christians Protesting Against Removal of Church Cross: Report
Subido: el 16/09/14 a las 6:38 pm
Autor: SignsofThyComing
Duración: 04:42
Valoración: 4.942446
Vistas: 1645
Alice Coopers Christian Testimony
So believe it or not but rock legend Alice cooper is a self proclaimed Born again Christian. Watch him tell his story about how God...
Subido: el 04/06/13 a las 2:30 am
Autor: Faithrefreshed
Duración: 07:46
Valoración: 4.908257
Vistas: 22839
Debate: Atheist vs Christian (Richard Dawkins vs Cardinal George Pell)
01:07 Question 1 - 01:45 Richard Dawkins - 03:34 George Pell 05:22 Question 2 - 5:50 Richard Dawkins 07:10 Question 4 - 7:25 Richard Dawkins...
Subido: el 15/08/13 a las 3:05 am
Autor: TheVeganAtheist
Duración: 00:30
Valoración: 4.758142
Vistas: 772342
Christian Holocaust in Iraq
Nahren Anweya (Assyrian Church of the East) joins Sean Hannity to make a worldwide plea for help to Christians who are being slaughtered by the...
Subido: el 02/08/14 a las 1:08 am
Autor: Steven Laboe
Duración: 07:08
Valoración: 4.5905514
Vistas: 14431
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