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A Demonstration of Nuclear Radiation
A quick demonstration of nuclear radiation. Just for fun and maybe even a little education. =)
Subido: el 19/04/13 a las 6:07 am
Autor: antiprotons
Duración: 22:59
Valoración: 4.8346252
Vistas: 63255
Radiation and Radioactive Decay
Mr. Andersen explains why radiation occurs and describes the major types of radiation. He also shows how alpha, beta, and gamma radiation affect the nucleus...
Subido: el 30/12/10 a las 2:37 am
Autor: Bozeman Science
Duración: 10:56
Valoración: 4.9157896
Vistas: 82815
Fukushima Radiation: What You've Heard are LIES!
You may have seen that image purportedly showing the alarming spread of Fukushima radiation across the Pacific. But dig deeper, and you'll find that's not...
Subido: el 15/11/13 a las 9:24 pm
Autor: DNews
Duración: 03:21
Valoración: 3.801406
Vistas: 202178
Radiation Expert: California Fukushima Exposure being Covered up - Kevin Kamps
A radioactive waste specialist, Kevin Kamps, says the condition of the high-level radioactive waste storage pools at the Fukushima-Daiichi reactors remain da...
Subido: el 27/03/14 a las 6:00 pm
Autor: NextNewsNetwork
Duración: 16:31
Valoración: 4.862069
Vistas: 9623
☢FUKUSHIMA: 500% Radiation Increase Blasts Parts of California
In today's video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports on dangerous Fukushima radiation levels on the West Coast. http://www.amtvmedia.com/re-di...
Subido: el 07/01/14 a las 10:20 pm
Autor: AMTV
Duración: 04:04
Valoración: 4.5742397
Vistas: 45873
Panic as Fukushima radiation 'found' on Californian beach!
Its wall to wall crazies in a panic out there! Original video suggesting that Fukushima is responsible for the high levels of radioactive 'contamination' on...
Subido: el 18/01/14 a las 5:32 pm
Autor: Thunderf00t
Duración: 08:38
Valoración: 4.890955
Vistas: 80750
Radiation Effects on Humans
"What is Radiation?" : How Nuclear Works: World Nuclear Association World-nuclear.org "Three Types of Radioactive Decay" library.thinkquest.org http://librar...
Subido: el 01/06/12 a las 11:23 am
Autor: PeytonandReed
Duración: 05:18
Valoración: 3.316418
Vistas: 75326
1/08/2014 -- ☢ Seafood Radiation Test ☢ 42.8CPM from Wild Alaskan Salmon
Add this channel to your youtube news feed by clicking here: http://www.youtube.com/subscri... ____ Wild Alaskan Salmon Seafood ...
Subido: el 09/01/14 a las 2:50 am
Autor: dutchsinse
Duración: 15:14
Valoración: 4.868493
Vistas: 14521
Don't Fear Radiation- A powerful and inspiring video
Markus Newsletter- http://www.MarkusNews.com Markus Books and healing products- http://www.HealAnything.com Katrine's website- http://www.KatrineVolynsky.com...
Subido: el 13/02/14 a las 8:41 pm
Autor: Markus Rothkranz
Duración: 30:14
Valoración: 4.8358665
Vistas: 25736
ABC NEWS - West Coast Evacuation Due To Fukishima Radiation Possible
Nuclear Engineer Dr. Arjun Makhijani, president of the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research, confirmed that ocean currents are carrying the radioa...
Subido: el 15/11/13 a las 5:55 pm
Autor: Extremum Spiritum
Duración: 04:25
Valoración: 4.7357144
Vistas: 166437
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