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Song: Set Fire to the Rain Artitst: Adele All Rights Are to the Original Owners (not me) One of my favorites from Adele's latest album 21 Disclaimer: None of this is mine. All is Adele's did the best I could do with the lyrics. Mistakes happen, if you find one feel free to drop it in the comment box. Enjoy!

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Sude Can (el 13/10/14 a las 7:03 pm)
Fernando H. Salas (el 28/09/14 a las 9:32 pm)
ADELE - SET FIRE TO THE RAIN (with lyrics)
Aaron Ash (el 12/09/14 a las 9:05 pm)
Awesome song! Fire!!!!!!!!
green lantern (el 22/10/14 a las 1:44 pm)
Adele is the first artist to have 4 vevo certified lyric videos
Juans DJ (el 05/08/14 a las 4:17 am)
avenida brazil D:
Claude Faustus (el 11/10/14 a las 7:08 am)
+Alois Trancy Here you go ^^ 
David Serrato (el 13/10/14 a las 9:31 pm)
Set fire to the rain? Bitch please Spongebob can make a campfire underwater.
ialexiscp4934 (el 22/10/14 a las 4:09 am)
anyone else eating a whole box of pizza and chocolate milk while listening to this song cuz their heart is broken? no just me? ok.... :(
Jennifer Valenzuela (el 23/09/14 a las 12:59 am)
*Continuation of many continuations. Have some feels. This one got me right in the feels so many times as I was writing it.* The Prince's Servant *PART FIFTEEN* Thor walks down the hall to the healing room. Memories of his mother bringing him there forcefully back when he was just a boy run through his mind. One time, while he and Loki were sparring, he had backed right into a pile of brush. Turns out, the pile of brush was entangled with poison ivy. He and Loki hadn't noticed it until they were heading back to the palace. Their mother greeted them and became startled at the color change of Thor's skin. He didn't even feel it itching until the healers in the healing room were examining it. Thor reaches the healing room. He enters and sees a young maidservant. "You there," He starts. The girl turns around and bows her head in respect. "Welcome back your Highness." She greets. "How may I be of assistance?" "I was told that I could find a woman named Jennifer here." He answers. "Yes, Jennifer, she just left with her husband about ten minutes ago." The young maidservant says. "Where did they go?" Thor asks suspiciously. "Please forgive me, I didn't mean to eavesdrop, but I overheard they were planning on visiting the Butterfly Garden." She answers. Thor thanks her and immediately heads for the Butterfly Garden. "No, I haven't heard anything about him since I've been back Darling." Thor hears an uncomfortably familiar voice say from the garden. He almost acts on impulse, but waits. "Is it? It couldn't be." He think to himself, already knowing the answer. "Why? What happened to him?" The familiar voice asks. "I don't know. I haven't heard or seen Joshua in years. I asked Thor about him last time he was here. He said that the last time he had seen him was when Josh went MIA on a scouting trip." Thor hears the familiar, unmistakeable voice of Jennifer. "I'm sorry to hear that. We could send out a search party, if you'd like? I mean he-" Loki starts but is cut off by the roar of an angry Thor. Thor comes out of his hiding place and sees Loki and Jennifer sitting together on the main fountain in the center of the garden. Jennifer's eyes widen at the sight of Thor, Loki smirks and quickly begins thinking on many different ways to protect Jennifer. As Thor approaches, Loki stands to his feet. Thor reaches the fountain. He lunges for Loki but Loki gets in a defensive stance. Thor fazes right through Loki and into the fountain. Jennifer stands to her feet and next to Loki. Thor lands in the fountain with a big splash, water goes everywhere. Thor is more than angry now. He stands up and whips around to see a grinning Loki, and a pregnant Jennifer. "Still falling for my simple tricks, brother?" Loki asks sarcastically. Thor can't stop staring at Jennifer in disbelief, he had trusted her. Was this one of Loki's tricks too? Or did she really reconcile her relationship with Loki? The one she claimed to hate so much. "Loki," I start. Loki looks over at me with a smirk still plastered on his face. "may I have a moment to speak with Thor, alone?" I ask. Loki's smirk fades, he hesitates for a second, then reluctantly nods. "Thank you my love." Loki takes one last look at Thor climbing out of the fountain. Then he looks back at me, smiles and kisses me right in front of Thor. On purpose I assume. He breaks the kiss. "I'll see you in the banquet hall this evening." He says. I smile and nod, he turns and leaves. I then turn my attention back to Thor. He's wringing out his long blonde hair. I always thought it was a bit too long, but never brought it to anyone's attention. "You're with child?" He asks. "Yeah. About six or seven months now." I answer. "It's, his...?" His voice trails off. I cant tell if it's because of anger or embarrassment. I smile and nod. "What happened Jennifer?" He asks with a disappointed tone. "I trusted you." "It's a long story." I sigh. "There's quite some time before dinner." Thor replies taking a seat on the dry part of the fountain. I exhale and walk over, sit, and begin telling a version of what happened after he left that I know he wont become too angered with. * * * Thor and I stand to our feet and exit the Butterfly Garden. "I'm sorry for letting you down. I don't have an excuse." I say as we walk through the palace halls. "I apologize for my, um, choices." I smirk and look down at my extended stomach. Thor laughs. As we reach the entrance to the banquet hall, he stops me. "Are you happy?" He asks with a sincere tone. I nod. "I am." I answer. "Are you safe?" He asks, still sounding sincere. "Loki would never hurt me." I answer confidently. "Do you still trust me?" He asks. "Yes..." I answer. This is getting weird. "Jennifer, do you trust him?" He asks sounding worried. "Don't answer that. Just think about this, does he trust you? Does he feel the same way about you that you do him?" He asks in a strange tone. He's talking as if the knows something's about to happen. Before I can say anything, a servant walks over. "Lady Jennifer, King Loki has requested your presence by his side at once." The young man says. He looks over and recognizes Thor. "Your Highness! My deepest apologies, I did not recognize you at first." He bows. Thor shoots me a concerned look, then walks back down the hall. The servant rises and looks at me, I smile. "He's being impatient again, isnt he?" I ask with a smirk. The servant nods. "Very well, lead the way." The young man leads me through the banquet hall, straight to the royal table. There, the royal family and high officials sit. Loki is in his usual fancy special chair. He hates when I call it that. His expression brightens when he sees me. I smile. The young servant pulls out my chair for me. "Thank you." I say with a smile. The young man walks back to his station. "Darling, you know you don't have to be kind to the servants." Loki says with a slightly annoyed tone. "Why not? After all, I was the Prince's servant. Why was I shown special kindness?" I ask sarcastically. Loki smirks. "What were you and Thor talking about?" He asks with a jealous tone. I try, but can't hold in a laugh. Loki raises an eyebrow. "Oh come on. Don't think your presence at the garden went unnoticed." I answer. Servants begin serving food to the different tables. "What? Darling, I have no idea what you're talking about." Loki says. "Really? We're really gonna do this?" I ask with an annoyed tone. Loki smirks. * * * After dinner, Loki and I walk through the halls of the palace. Thor walks up behind us and places each of his hands on our shoulders. "Don't say a word." He says. "Turn here." He says as we turn down a hall and walk into the Butterfly Garden. Thor takes us into the center of the garden and shoves Loki forward. He steps in front of me, Loki laughs sarcastically and turns around with a sassy grin on his face. "Nice to see you again brother." He says. Thor growls. I stand by the fountain with my arms folded, just watching my foolish husband make things worse for himself. I can't believe he still hasn't noticed Thor has the garden surrounded by soldiers. "Where is father?" Thor asks as he approaches Loki. "What? No greeting? No, long winded threat?" Loki asks. Thor grabs Loki by the collar of his tunic and pushes him against the back wall of the garden. Loki chuckles as the air is knocked out of him. "What did you do to Jennifer?" He asks through gritted teeth. Loki laughs. "Thor, I thought mother had 'the talk' with you?" He jokes. Thor growls and hits him against the wall again. Loki groans as the air is knocked out of him. "I haven't done a thing." Thor growls again. "I have grown tired of your games." Thor threatens. "What do you think you're gonna do? I am King." Loki says with a cocky grin. "Are you now?" Thor asks. "Then what does that make Jennifer?" Loki pauses and looks at me. He smirks confidently and looks back at Thor. "She's my Queen." He answers. "Then why does she go by 'Lady Jennifer'?" Thor asks. Loki thinks about it for a couple seconds. "She knows your reign is false." He says. Loki's expression changes. "It is my birthright. Jennifer, you know that." Loki says looking at me. "Guards!" Thor exclaims. The soldiers come out of their hiding places and surround Loki. "Jennifer." Loki calls. "Get him out of here." Thor orders. The guards put Loki in chains and begin to lead him out of the garden. "Jennifer!" Loki calls out again. I walk over and shoot Thor a look. He walks with me away from Loki and the guards. "You know if I don't answer him, he won't go quietly." I say. "You may see him." He says. I nod and turn to walk away, he stops me. "If you dare plan anything..." He threatens. "I can't make any promises." I reply. "Then neither can I." He says. I nod. "Very well." I reply. I walk over to Loki. "Jennifer, Darling." He starts. "Loki, my love," I start. "don't make this worse. I-" I'm cut off by a sharp pain in my lower abdomen. I gasp and quickly kneel down holding my lower stomach. "Darling are you alright?" Loki asks. All of the guards freeze right there. I groan in pain as another sharp pain runs through me again. "Jennifer!" Loki exclaims. Thor gets the idea that this might be another one of Loki's tricks and orders the guards to take Loki to the dungeons. "No! Someone help her! Jennifer!" Loki shouts as the guards drag him out of the Butterfly Garden and down the hall. Thor walks over to me and realizes I'm not faking it. His eyes widen and he calls out for help. He scoops me up and hurries to the healing room. Tears are streaming down my face as Thor places me onto the healing table in the center of the room. "Help her!" He yells at the servant in the room. The servant rushes out of the room. "Really?" Thor asks sarcastically. He looks back over at me, not knowing what to do. As more waves of pain wash over me I scream. Thor's eyes widen and he runs over to the door and sees the servant rushing back with a team of healers behind him. As the guards are dragging Loki toward the dungeon, he hears me scream. The guards fight harder to get him to the dungeons. I look over and see Loki rush to my side. He places a hand on the side of my face. He looks me over, his face goes pale. More than his normal skin tone. The healers rush around me and begin their work. Upon seeing that no one has noticed him, I come to the realization that it's an illusion. Thor sees me looking in a certain direction but does nothing. He knows that Loki is in the room. I struggle to form words. Loki smiles lovingly at me. "Just sleep. Let the healers do their work." He says. His words calm me and force me to fall into a deep sleep. Loki's illusion looks over at Thor, then disappears. The guards shove Loki into the cell and shut the door. He walks to the wall, leans against it and slinks to the floor. He roars in anger and frustration. * * * The healers finish their work and exit the room. Thor walks over to Jennifer. She's unresponsive. A soldier walks into the room. "You wanted to see me?" He asks. "Commander, you know why I asked specifically for you." Thor answers. The Commander looks at Jennifer and walks over to her. He looks down at her, then up at Thor. "Are you sure you're able to do this?" Thor asks. The soldier nods. "Is she alright?" He asks. Thor stays silent. The soldier walks over to a desk and picks up a piece of paper and a pen. * * * Loki destroyed his cell. There are black singe marks on the walls, bits of furniture everywhere. It has been two weeks since he's seen or heard about Jennifer. The doors to the cell block open, a soldier enters and approaches Loki's cell. "My orders are to read to you, the last words of Lady Jennifer." The soldier says. Loki looks over at the soldier with a bitter expression. The soldier unfolds a small piece of paper he was holding in his hand. "These are the last words of Lady Jennifer Alice Levin: My dearest Loki, I fear I'm not going to make it. I know you will be an excellent father. Do not be saddened by my death, I only wish for you to know I love you. I always had a crush on you ever since we were younger. Yours, The Prince's Servant." The soldier pauses and wipes a tear from his face. Loki goes numb on the inside. "The Lady died two weeks ago in premature labor. The child didn't make it. My condolences." The soldier turns, wipes another tear, then heads back toward the cell block doors. Loki thinks about it for a moment, then the thought of the soldier looking familiar crosses his mind. "Wait," Loki starts. The soldier stops but doesn't turn around. "what's your name?" "Commander Joshua Santiago." The soldier replies and exits the cell block wiping tears. End.
nancy c. (el 19/09/14 a las 11:17 pm)

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