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Danyel Henrique (el 28/06/15 a las 6:20 pm)
3 caralhos me trouxe aqui
Sam Winchester (el 04/06/15 a las 12:23 am)
I'm here because of Dean Winchester
Teo Vergić (el 19/03/15 a las 2:58 am)
Am I the only one who listens to this song before an important business meetings or after achievement of a great financial improvement? xD
Kristin Crumpler (el 13/05/15 a las 7:55 pm)
And the last known survivor stalks her prey in the night.
Sarah The Clown Girl (el 02/06/15 a las 4:08 am)
bryonna grosso (el 21/02/15 a las 6:21 am)
who else played this on RockBand like everyday lmao
Angie Momo (el 28/06/15 a las 9:55 pm)
*climbs onto the roof of an impala *lips sycs to eye of the tiger *uses leg as guitar *scratches arm ahh good ol jensen ackles
Seth Carlow (el 04/06/15 a las 5:30 am)
this is a Intro for 3 Wizards. Harry Potter and Neville Longbottom and Ron Weasley when they walk into the Room.
Cathrine Jessen (el 21/07/15 a las 8:26 pm)
Any Supernatrual fans? Dean/Jensen's "performance" of this song made me belive in humanity.
The Official Figgg Channel (el 25/06/15 a las 12:49 pm)
i always listen this song when im answering my math assignments xD

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