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Eye of the tiger by survivor

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MrMarcoaraiza1 (el 26/06/14 a las 9:11 pm)
as the last known survivor stalks the prey in the night. I thought "stalks "his" prey" but I guess I'm to stupid to know what he's saying
Deep Sohelia (el 10/07/14 a las 12:15 pm)
Whats this song called?
Julie N'GUYEN (el 13/07/14 a las 11:27 pm)
elle et trop mais trop bien hihi
Sandstorm51 (el 24/08/14 a las 9:41 pm)
Lol this is my mom's car theme song because the GTO is also known as the tiger 
rafael fagundes (el 22/08/14 a las 3:03 pm)
Is that really cream of the fight lol? I though it was thrill.
novoca lalovic (el 01/09/14 a las 12:40 am)
Im hawe just 16 jears but im fayt wiht manny popels for onor of me and im nevew giwup :(
xL4WL13Tx (el 19/06/14 a las 2:33 pm)
It's the cream of the fight ;)
You Read My name (el 05/08/14 a las 6:18 pm)
What does the tiger say ???
James Townsend (el 28/08/14 a las 12:30 am)
I think this song was featured in one of the *Rocky* movies starring Sylvester Stallone. The lyric is "...he's watching us all *with* (not in) the eye of the tiger." Great song.
Johnny berg (el 29/07/14 a las 10:22 am)
your youtube name says dont subscribe why do you want us to subscribe then?

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