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Eye of the tiger by survivor

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Subido: 27/04/09 a las 1:48 am
Autor: ricarudo95

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Kristine Hood (el 17/09/14 a las 9:32 pm)
I told my 17 year old brother that I like this song and all he said was "you're 13, you should like justin bieber, for fuck sake", and then just left. He meant it in a good way, but I know I didn't write it like that, so sorry.
{FaZe}XxX_2edgy4u_XxX{OpTic} (el 18/11/14 a las 2:19 am)
This song is just a stupid "Eye of the Spider" rip-off.
SupernaturalHunter28 (el 16/12/14 a las 2:53 pm)
I can't listen to this without thinking of Supernatural lol
Rebecca Sawn (el 11/10/14 a las 2:43 am)
Let's start a lyric chain Rising up, back on the street.
Jada Fonseca (el 13/09/14 a las 3:55 pm)
this is my jam!
Andrew Warren (el 03/09/14 a las 1:35 am)
RIP Jimi Jamison! Even though he was not in the band when this song was out, but still you got to pay respect.
MegaMicah12 (el 15/11/14 a las 6:07 pm)
Am I the only one around here who first heard this song thanks to Guitar Hero?
Sauron Morgoth (el 18/12/14 a las 1:21 pm)
Ain't it "And the last known survivor stalks his prey in the night"?
Thinh Doan (el 15/12/14 a las 9:41 pm)
this song is kinda good but its not my TYPE
JeffHardyLivesOn84 (el 20/11/14 a las 3:23 am)
New lyric chain... GO! Rising up, back on the street

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