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Joshua W. (el 03/12/14 a las 7:20 am)
My best friend and true love took her own life last month on Sunday the 16th.We had been together for over 13 years. Separated once. She was my sweetheart. I was going ask her to marry me Jan 23, her birthday But now I can't. This is a great song , very touching ,but I can't stop crying.
Tangja Wanna (el 01/02/15 a las 7:17 am)
Why - Rascal Flatts
All that is now (el 18/05/15 a las 5:42 pm)
The truth of life has been revealed, you never have to ask why again, you can know why. Google *truth contest* and know all that can be known.
Hannah Chappell (el 01/03/15 a las 4:28 am)
This reminds me of robin Williams R.I.P
Gustavo Briones (el 31/01/15 a las 5:31 am)
i always hated suicide, to me its worse than anything, i made it my mission to help anyone in need. My name is Gustavo, i will pray for anyone just reply with a name and i will personally take it to church. When God's people pray powerful things happen. Let me tell you you're beautiful whoever reads this. You were made for a reason, and don't let anything take that away from you ! And remember you're not alone, I am here, and So is God. i will make a list and post a video here on youtube :) God be with you all !
chloe whitaker (el 02/03/15 a las 11:50 pm)
Okay nobody is gonna read or pay attention to this but here is my story. I lived with my mom most of my short 13 years of my life. And my step-dad abused her alot of the time. She always had bruises everywhere. And she would have to leave and I had to take care of my little brother and sisters. One of them was just a couple months old and witnessed that. She would scream and I had to pick her up and take her to the other room where my sister and brother was.. They were always crying when all this happened. And I cried but had to wait till they went to sleep. Then I would (at like 7-8 years old) would self harm. It let off stress. And when my mom moved out and I moved with my dad… well after that I bearly seen her. And a couple years ago.. She died. And it feels like it was yesterday. I have a bigger story. But I shortened it for ya. Ever since she died I always thought of suicide but then I remembered about the rest of my family. They would miss me. All people thinking of suicide. Dont do it. It will hurt u more than u think
Denver Rhineburger (el 11/05/15 a las 7:56 pm)
love you mamaw and nana ik your in a better place love y'all 
Susan Hampton (el 13/05/15 a las 4:26 pm)
I have been married for 31 years, 7 kids. Needless to say I have gained wieght. My husband refuses to have anything to do with me now , I have been on the couch for 15 years, I am on the verge of just leaving the stage. I have nothing left to give and nothing left to say. I know it's a sin , I will go to Hell. I am there already.
Denver Rhineburger (el 20/04/15 a las 7:07 pm)
missing my mamaw and nana
The Lost Cause (el 03/05/15 a las 2:00 am)
Dear Dad you took your life away and why I can't explain it could have been from not feeling like you belonged it could have been you wanted to end your pain it could have been from to many dark days it could have been from to many heartbreaks I should have stayed with you and my step mama I should have stayed close by you I should have held on to your hand and never let go I should have held onto you tightly and never let you forget how much I love you I wish I could turn back time to when you were in my life when I clamped your arm tightly when it was time to start school and crying my eyes out begging you not to go I wish I could go back to when we would watch the sunset over the hill behind your house I wish you were here I wish you could call me sunshine once more. Love- your sunshine forevermore

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