"Boemerang": Erik Hartman laughs at his guests. Subtitled.



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This guy can´t stop laughing at his guest´s voice. To make things worse, there are two strange voices in his talk show. That laughter cost him his career, and he will remember for ever this "blooper". I found the translation and subtitled this video. Nobody should laugh at others the way he did, but he couldn´t help it. Versión en español: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v...

Canal: Comedy
Subido: 02/08/06 a las 8:40 am
Autor: gohnchon

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LilWayneVEVO (el 19/04/14 a las 7:06 am)
when that second guy said i have the same problem in deep transformer voice i literally died of crying hahaaaaaa
0955interactive (el 11/12/14 a las 4:33 pm)
I laughed so hard my sides started to hurt no matter how many times i watched this and i actually felt a little ashamed of myself. But then i tried to mute the parts when the hosts would laugh then figured that all along i was actually just laughing because of the host's laugh, now i feel better about myself.
Youtube Comment Brawler (el 13/11/14 a las 11:28 pm)
All these people talking how this is fake, please, get over yourself. Unless you have information that was not shown in this video. Otherwise this looks pretty legit. One can't laugh like that without something being funny.
Rickey Tie (el 28/11/14 a las 5:46 am)
i saw her laugh in the background tryin to be slick
Twatface (el 25/04/14 a las 12:53 am)
This is from In de gloria you ignorant french FUCKS. No wonder you lost 2 world wars when you are this ignorant to believe this crap is real.
Chris Bush (el 22/08/14 a las 12:28 pm)
Hilarious, I wouldn't worry mate, there are worse reasons to be fired from a job. Also was it live? If not why didn't they just drop the episode?
T Shitta (el 16/12/14 a las 9:02 pm)
If this was fake they need to make more like this because this is LITERALLY THE FUNNIEST THING. I laugh until I cry everytime.HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 
Selenator4ever (el 02/11/14 a las 1:10 pm)
Am i the only one who didn't laugh? This isn't funny at all.. Really boring 
liveyourdreams111 (el 11/12/14 a las 6:39 am)
I remember watching this years ago and thinking what a moron he was. That's sick to laugh at people who have been through something traumatic and are dealing with complications as a result.
84updown (el 16/12/14 a las 1:57 pm)
2:44 If you look closely, you can actually see his career falling apart.

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