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Aprendiz de Poesia (el 17/06/15 a las 5:42 pm)
Que tal um abraço??? É de graça! 
Randy Speight (el 13/07/15 a las 4:57 am)
Just a little something to make you guys smile before you go to bed :)
IR ANKH (el 08/03/15 a las 5:59 am)
NO MORE WARS !!!! The only path we should take is Love & compassion between Nations ; People ; Animal kingdom ; For all living things ! Free hugs a spark in the right direction ! 
~Keep Calm Evolution is True~ (el 25/06/15 a las 1:18 pm)
I know this is cheesy but I absolutely love this video! 
James Moriarty (el 28/07/15 a las 3:09 am)
Good shit, Ryan.
Darius Vainilavičius (el 31/05/15 a las 8:49 am)
#flashback "Uploaded on Sep 22, 2006"
The Xerephor (el 03/01/15 a las 1:05 am)
Habs schon öfters gehört aber jetzte wo ers beim letzt rutsch wieder erwähnt hatt hats mich interessiert
Kyle Bishop (el 09/04/15 a las 6:56 am)
Let me just say that I never cry. I don't. It's just not a thing I do. It can be the biggest tear-jerker ever and I have no reaction. But this video... Thus video made me cry. Quite a bit. This is amazing. You can see the people taking the hugs, how they really really need them, and this guy is taking time out of HIS life to brighten theirs. This is truly beautiful. No big gestures need to be made. Just the simple compassion of a single human being can change and possibly even save a life
Silvia Lima (el 22/05/15 a las 11:10 pm)
*Neste 22 de maio, Dia do abraço, vale lembrar a "Campanha do abraço gratis" realizada em 2006 por Juan Mann. Porque coisas boas merecem ser lembradas!*
AyeC (el 29/03/15 a las 9:39 am)
It's nice to be in the awesome part of Youtube

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