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Optimization Problem #1
Need a LIVE tutor to help answer a question? Check out the people at http://www.tutor.com/signup?Ad...
Subido: el 01/04/08 a las 7:25 pm
Autor: patrickJMT
Duración: 07:14
Valoración: 4.9005103
Vistas: 349547
Optimization - Calculus
Click here to try integralCALC Academy: http://www.integralcalc.com/ Understand one of the hardest and most common applications of derivatives, optimization ...
Subido: el 05/06/12 a las 3:03 pm
Autor: integralCALC
Duración: 09:18
Valoración: 4.8414636
Vistas: 51914
Optimization with Calculus 1
Find two numbers whose products is -16 and the sum of whose squares is a minimum.
Subido: el 16/06/08 a las 12:46 am
Autor: Khan Academy
Duración: 09:51
Valoración: 4.8779445
Vistas: 280205
Optimization Problem #2
Optimization Problem #3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v... Another Optimization Problem using Derivatives! For more free math videos, visit http://Pa...
Subido: el 01/04/08 a las 7:35 pm
Autor: patrickJMT
Duración: 07:06
Valoración: 4.9409986
Vistas: 187506
Optimization Problem #4 - Max Area Enclosed by Rectangular Fence
Optimization Problem #4 - Maximizing the Area of Rectangular Fence Using Calculus / Derivatives. In this video, I show how a farmer can find the...
Subido: el 04/05/11 a las 11:07 pm
Autor: patrickJMT
Duración: 09:49
Valoración: 4.9057593
Vistas: 100405
Optimization Calculus Problems Minimizing Lengths
Examples: Minimizing Perimeter for Fixed Area 2:25 Distance from Point to Parabola Method 1 16:45 Distance from Point to Parabola Method 2 30:14 Minimizing H......
Subido: el 01/09/13 a las 6:16 am
Autor: ProfRobBob
Duración: 50:40
Valoración: 4.8974357
Vistas: 2702
Optimization Problem #6 - Find the Dimensions of a Can To Maximize Volume
Optimization Problem #6 - Find the Dimensions of a Can To Maximize Volume. In this video, we have a certain amount of material with which...
Subido: el 08/05/11 a las 1:04 am
Autor: patrickJMT
Duración: 08:20
Valoración: 4.904762
Vistas: 33541
Lecture 1 | Convex Optimization I (Stanford)
Professor Stephen Boyd, of the Stanford University Electrical Engineering department, gives the introductory lecture for the course, Convex Optimization I (E...
Subido: el 09/07/08 a las 8:19 am
Autor: StanfordUniversity
Duración: 20:33
Valoración: 4.829099
Vistas: 168477
Optimization Problem #3 - Making a Rain Gutter
Optimization #4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v... Optimization Problem #3 - Making a Rain Gutter! This optimization problem involves some trigonomet...
Subido: el 22/04/08 a las 7:22 pm
Autor: patrickJMT
Duración: 10:22
Valoración: 4.8950615
Vistas: 98513
Optimization Example 4
Minimizing the cost of material for an open rectangular box.
Subido: el 26/06/08 a las 4:38 am
Autor: Khan Academy
Duración: 09:49
Valoración: 4.9298244
Vistas: 98510
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