M.I.A. - "Bad Girls" (Official Video)



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THE POP DIASPORA OF M.I.A.: http://bit.ly/1pFnExp Watch MIA respond to comments left on this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch? =0fweHtun3LY ** For the best viewing experience, watch in 1080p (HD). M.I.A. OFFICIAL SITE | MIAUNIVERSE: http://www.miauk.com ** Head to http://www.youtube.com/noisey to check out our other shows. Noisey is VICE's new music channel, so you know it's going to feature music that's actually good. But music is more than just sound—our shows cover everything about music culture: awesome live shows, geeky record store clerks, smarmy critics, destroyed hotel rooms, sex-crazed groupies, and roadies. Never underestimate the roadies. Videos, daily updates, and more: http://www.noisey.com/ Like Noisey on Facebook: http://fb.com/noisey Follow Noisey on Twitter: http://twitter.com/noiseymusic... Read our tumblr: http://noiseymusic.tumblr.com/...

Canal: Music
Subido: 03/02/12 a las 2:17 am
Autor: Noisey

Duración: 04:12
Valoración: 4.720482
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Ultimos comentarios:
Daniel Gardner (el 23/01/15 a las 4:13 am)
I wish we lived in a world without racist people.
Naof Assiri (el 24/12/14 a las 2:53 pm)
To all these white people commenting on Arabs and Muslims being terrorists, shouldn't you be busy selling slaves? 
solid snake (el 16/01/15 a las 9:02 pm)
I went to Saudia Arabia its very cool and peaceful I never see a terrorist the people are friendly there 
nighthawk9911 (el 27/10/14 a las 9:14 pm)
how did they create this video without getting shot in the face?
Hakaan Baas (el 31/01/15 a las 8:04 pm)
I'm a muslim and im not terroist 
Patrick Crawford (el 08/02/15 a las 8:14 pm)
Fucking bunch of terrorists go rape a 5 year old and bomb a church bunch of pigs. 
amd x (el 14/01/15 a las 12:23 pm)
it would've be way better if she filmed it in Saudi Arabia I'M TALKING FOR REAL!
Golden Simmer (el 13/12/14 a las 10:20 pm)
am I the only American not scared of arabs? I mean some Arabic women are so pretty
Fisal Alajme (el 09/12/14 a las 7:51 pm)
اما كذ بعد زودوها ذولا جايبين سبك ملبسينهم اكياس يعننهم سعودين -_- بعدين ذي القـ** كيف دخلوها السعوديه
xaioxaio11 (el 30/11/14 a las 4:16 am)
Nice to see that good old fashion racism and idiocy is still alive and strong among scared little Americans.

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