Green Day - 21 Guns [Official Music Video]



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"21 Guns" by Green Day from '21st Century Breakdown,' available now. Directed by Marc Webb. Watch the best Green Day official videos here: (subscribe)

Canal: Music
Subido: 08/10/09 a las 12:59 am
Autor: greenday

Duración: 05:27
Valoración: 4.9228086
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Ultimos comentarios:
Letgomylego9 (el 19/04/14 a las 10:31 pm)
How old is the main singer when the song was made?
vitto De Mar (el 19/04/14 a las 3:42 pm)
MrEpicguy64 (el 15/04/14 a las 2:20 pm)
Not tryin to be mean, but there was a video in 2006 with better HD than this...
한종순 (el 14/04/14 a las 1:22 pm)
Green Day - 21 Guns
WildXxwulfxX (el 14/04/14 a las 2:32 am)
Wait, I don't get why the windows are all dark as if it was nighttime, but when the bullets shoots through the wall it's like there's daylight
xdarkness22x (el 13/04/14 a las 4:42 pm)
Wait what was the significance of the phone?
Georgina Krikke (el 12/04/14 a las 3:30 pm)
I can't help but laughing round four minutes... That feather on the microfone is just so hilarious! No offence to Green Day or so, I'm an huge Idiot myself soo YEAH. I loved it though.
Larzz Wright (el 12/04/14 a las 4:58 am)
I wish they had kept writing like this, I hate to say it but the new music wasn't so good.
CatalinGaming MC (el 11/04/14 a las 9:19 pm)
That's the real music, not like today, 90% porn and 10% music...GREEN DAY FTW!!!
Andre de Moeller (el 11/04/14 a las 1:07 pm)
The lead singer looks like Shane Dawson.

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