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what do you think of the 3-1 score line? what do you think of the goals from the likes of messi fabregas and sanchez and co?click "like" also, takes 2 seconds thanks ;) my twitter:!/ROS5IHD come check out the fifa tournaments that i'm entering: winner of last weeks prediction: "NO ONE GOT THE RIGHT PREDICTION FOR MAN U BASEL AND MAN CITY BAYERN MUNICH :( ) might have made a few spelling mistakes btw, if i have im sorry, it should be either: el classico, el clasico, El Clásico subscribe to XLSquared, big thanks for the intros bro:

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Gabriel Torres (el 25/08/12 a las 11:09 pm)
I like barça and real madrid but i hate : Pepe the assesin XD
lewis bradshaw (el 06/02/12 a las 1:44 am)
messi and ronaldo are the 2 best of all time wake up and have a look about look back then it dont get much better than them 2
Guý Terrível (el 16/04/12 a las 8:26 pm)
aguero kun (el 01/05/12 a las 1:38 pm)
huj ci w dupe i tej barcelonie też
CJdesertHunter555 (el 09/04/12 a las 1:56 pm)
Ronaldo is faster and in terms of physical image, he's taller than Messi. That's why sometimes people used to think that Ronaldo is better somehow.
heliman121 (el 07/03/12 a las 3:57 am)
@321Green1Fork123 Plus Madrid is SUCH a Faker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BubaEliminator87 (el 21/04/12 a las 11:54 pm)
I would like to see Messi in other team in primera or in english premier league
Dathletez13 (el 01/04/12 a las 11:53 pm)
LOL! That RONALDO looks a LOT like "El fenomeno" Ronaldo instead of CR7!
khalid waleed (el 15/11/12 a las 8:54 pm)
SuperMac006 (el 04/01/12 a las 5:30 pm)
celebration after barcelona won against real madrid watch?v=Jd5-4A74n5U&context=C3819b3cADOEgsToPDskK7lUis9LqsI7YCrw_oeHX4

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