Is Homosexuality a Choice?



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Is it a Choice or are we born that way? A nice cartoon about that issue. I cut this clip from the multiple award-winning documentary, "For The Bible Tells Me So". http://www.forthebibletellsmes... ---Resources and evidence--- Twin studies for male homosexuality:

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BlackFox0911 (el 12/03/15 a las 9:30 pm)
Coming soon to YouTube and legitimate discussions in American culture... Is pedophilia, polygamy, necrophilia, and beastiality a choice?
CoolProveIt (el 30/01/15 a las 10:58 am)
Remember when they were talking about birth order? Younger brothers are more likely to be gay because of antigens absorbed during pregnancies therefore younger brothers are more likely to be gay? They used circular reasoning that never explained why antigens have an impact on sexuality at all. The whole video's a house of cards if you take a good look at it. PS I also liked the part where they dropped a bunch of big names (like the AMA) and didn't give any citations or dates for any of them.
fuckakakaka (el 30/01/15 a las 3:49 am)
"christian" thanks liberals. wow that's subtle 
Joe Giuffre (el 23/03/15 a las 2:40 pm)
"Homosexuality is a psychological phenomenon." - BlackFox0911 "Most fetishes / adult behaviors are the result of something that happened during early childhood (somewhere between the ages of 3 and 7), when a child's "clean slate" mind is susceptible to anything. The memory eventually becomes repressed as new memories are stored, it never goes COMPLETELY away, but it never FULLY enters the adult's CONSCIOUS mind" - BlackFox0911 So there we have it. Homosexuality is not a choice. 
John Isaac (el 24/01/15 a las 11:40 am)
It is a choice like being a pedophile or animal fucker.
martyaus2905 (el 21/02/15 a las 8:52 am)
I am gay and I was born like it, I new I was different when I was 7 years old. I could never fuck a woman that just makes me sick, I love cock and have fucked hundreds of guys.
DarkSpiritMorrigan (el 14/08/14 a las 5:23 pm)
I do wish they'd delved a bit deeper in to animal homosexual relationships, and in to the way genes are expressed and so forth. There are several more scientific examples that show that homosexuality is not a choice, and I wish they'd expounded on such a bit more so that people could get a better, clearer understanding as to why gay people are gay. Other than that, this is a rather good video, and it does explain a bit (I hope) for those who are trying to understand why and how homosexuality happens.
dccmaj man (el 24/04/15 a las 12:06 am)
You guys love to compare homosexuality to ethnicity. Homosexuality is just like religion. A CHOICE! You're not born with it. Ever hear of a baby getting aroused? No! It doesn't happen! You're not born knowing who you're attracted to.
Kichirou Vixen (el 26/12/14 a las 4:33 pm)
I would never say I was born that way. I will never say it is psychological. But I will blatantly deny saying it is a choice. I did not choose this. End of story. Why believe myth over millions who say the EXACT SAME THING?!
Nick Veritas (el 24/04/15 a las 12:50 am)
The "science" is far from conclusive. It is heavily biased which makes findings very questionable. Many of the "studies" are wildly celebrated and published far and wide by the pro-gay government and groups... yet they are NOT REPEATABLE... and therefore NOT SCIENCE. Here is a well referenced and researched view that does sound much closer to the truth: Is any sexual act a behavior? Yes, of course. Gays want everyone to buy into the lie that they have no control over their behavior. That is EXACTLY like saying a heterosexual person has no control over their sexual acts. We all have temptations, tendencies and urges which are influenced by both genetics and environment. However, we do have a choice on whether we act on them or not. Ask any married man, if he ever struggled with attraction to other women. As it is possible for married men to overcome this tendency, it is also possible for gay people to attenuate behavior. I neither hate nor fear gays. I just do not agree with their cognitive positions. I certainly don't agree with them using the government and media to bash people over the head with how awesome their gay sexual behavior is. The three biggest government sponsored religions are statism, evolution, and homosexuality. It will be illegal to be against any of those in Amerika soon. ...because gays love freedom.

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