Is Homosexuality a Choice?



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Is it a Choice or are we born that way? A nice cartoon about that issue. I cut this clip from the multiple award-winning documentary, "For The Bible Tells Me So". http://www.forthebibletellsmes... ---Resources and evidence--- Twin studies for male homosexuality:

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van halen (el 29/07/14 a las 3:58 pm)
Oh the irony they bring up theories about homosexualty that have been proven wrong yet they bring up the theory that homosexuality is common which can be can be proven wrong it's about 1500 animals found to have homosexuality right well there's about 59,811 Vertebrates which means that 99 per of animals don't have homosexuality so homosexuality is n't common in nature
Cheddar Bob (el 27/07/14 a las 12:25 pm)
They dont explain why other animals are also "gay". It is becuse some males in the animal kingdom cant get any female to fuck so instead they start fucking both genders. I also belive you can love the same gender exactly like it is your boyfriend/girlfriend but biologically the same genders isnt meant to have sex. And why do the majority of gay men have to act like 10 year old girls? That doesnt make any sense to me!
SlaveofChrist (el 10/06/14 a las 8:35 pm)
Okay, I just want to question something. Hear me out on this one. "I heard being gay is unnatural." Then the disembodied atheist starts talking about all the animals that practice homosexual behavior. Why would you accept the premise that because something is natural, it is therefore morally right? I mean, am I the only one who thinks that getting our morality from animals is a stupid idea? Ducks commit homosexual necrophiliac activities. What does that say about necrophilia? If ducks do it, I can do it too? Yeah, right. In the same way, just because animals do it does not mean it is right. Overall, I have a problem with the Theist who says just because something is unnatural means it is morally wrong, likewise I have a problem with the atheist who answers the fool, while accepting his fallacious premise.
Kurt Mason (el 05/07/14 a las 10:35 pm)
fucking faggots make me want to puke
An Actual Shapeshifting Reptilian (el 05/07/14 a las 12:33 am)
I disaproove of homosexuality because it's generally reminiscent of socialism. When you have sex with a woman, your ass and penis belongs to you. It is your sex. But if I have sex with another man, all of a sudden it's not MY sex anymore, it's OUR sex. Both parties enjoy it and share their junk equally. That's never been shown to work in practice, so why would it work in the bedroom?
Kden K den (el 29/04/14 a las 12:15 pm)
Being religious and leaving religion is a choice. Change your genes is a choice. Therefore, men having sex with men is a choice they want to do. It doesn't get any simpler than that. There is a reason why homosexuality is violent towards religion and laws of biology
dave hileman (el 03/06/14 a las 9:08 pm)
It doesn't actually matter if being gay is a choice or not. What matters is that homosexuality is bad for society therefore we should find a way to prevent it. If you could prevent your kid from being gay would you do it? Yes you would. Thank you and have a nice day
Patrick Faulkner (el 08/06/14 a las 6:48 am)
Now what about psychics? Is clairvoyance a choice or a birth thing? Is it a mental illness or in their genes? Why isn't there an animation about this??
Joeseph Templeton (el 25/05/14 a las 6:28 am)
Epigenetics is in relations to chemical or hormonal development. It has nothing to do with the DNA sequence like with hair, height and skin. Most would consider Epigenetics to be a condition that deprives an embryo of proper hormonal development. What homosexuals call normal, the rest of us call deficiency or abnormality.

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