Is Homosexuality a Choice?



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Is it a Choice or are we born that way? A nice cartoon about that issue. I cut this clip from the multiple award-winning documentary, "For The Bible Tells Me So". http://www.forthebibletellsmes... ---Resources and evidence--- Twin studies for male homosexuality:

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Brahman Bull (el 17/12/14 a las 12:21 am)
If you are attracted to same sex or animals or whatever, so be it. Just don't have sex with them and I won't have a problem. I do recognize that people do have these sort of attractions (among many others) for whatever reasons. You are not perfect. Whatever the case, just don't do it. And everything will be fine on my end. 
van halen (el 29/07/14 a las 3:58 pm)
Oh the irony they bring up theories about homosexualty that have been proven wrong yet they bring up the theory that homosexuality is common which can be can be proven wrong it's about 1500 animals found to have homosexuality right well there's about 59,811 Vertebrates which means that 99 per of animals don't have homosexuality so homosexuality is n't common in nature
GirlFromIpanema (el 16/12/14 a las 7:58 am)
Definitely a choice.
jenna palmer (el 11/12/14 a las 5:46 am)
this is no no no. straight people (and everyone) are presented with both male and female so that alone, is a choice. and there are NO genetic studies that find a 'gay' gene. yes female and males can have more or less of the x or y chromosomes and a guy can be more feminine than some males and girl can be more masculine than some females BUT those physical traits do not make you behave a certain way just how your body doesn't turn you into a transgender without you making a choice to change your body. think of it this way.. people can be born with a great urge to anger but that does not make them behave that way. it is a choice if you are going to anger. we are all in control of our thoughts and feelings. a lot of people like to blame everything else on the outside instead of taking full responsibility. hey, being homosexual is no greater of a sin than stealing, murder, etc. and it can be forgiven. God forgives all and God made the human bodies to go together. (male and female) the rectum is a muscle that pushes pressure down out of the body, not into the body. the rectum is not made for inserts. it harms the body. and lastly, homosexuals cannot reproduce together, so don't you think the "gene" would have died out by now? 
AyoBonito116 (el 11/10/14 a las 11:23 pm)
Born Gay or not we were all born in sin. Were all in trouble and were all going to face God. 
Brahman Bull (el 16/12/14 a las 11:52 pm)
The attraction to the same sex is not by choice. But the sexual behavior certainly is by choice. Anyone who plays on this technicality by asking the dumb question -"Did you choose to be heterosexual" - in an attempt to support homosexuality, are either openly gay, or gay and in the closet.
The one (el 14/12/14 a las 11:33 pm)
God loves everyone, but its certain behaviors that he hates. Homosexuality is one of them.
Tales Maldonado (el 23/11/14 a las 6:10 pm)
Religion causes too many problems...
Binyamin Tsadik (el 16/07/14 a las 12:50 pm)
Sex and sexuality is not our defining characteristic and should not be made to be. Our identity is far more complex than sexual desires. Sexual stimulation and interaction can occur with a large array of orifices. Preferring a specific orifice does not mean that we are unable to enjoy a different one. And love, respect and admiration for another human being does not require a sexual relationship either. Homosexuality is a choice, not a choice in which sex you prefer, but a choice to make sexuality a defining characteristic on your identity. Next time someone asks if you are gay, say that you are a human being with a rich identity that refuses to be boiled down to a single label. And your current choice in sexual stimulation is not a defining characteristic or even a part of your identity, it just happens to be your primary sexual attraction and stimulus.

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