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john jones (el 05/09/13 a las 9:43 pm)
yes it is
BitchPlzIllEatYou (el 08/09/13 a las 6:34 pm)
lmfao my signature on my phone is *Animals<3* lol cuz that explains me and my boyfriendd!!! <33
Joseph Scala (el 20/10/13 a las 8:40 am)
Yes, yes they are
ashley schultheis (el 28/05/13 a las 2:16 am)
idiot not ediot
DaiquiriRain (el 21/05/13 a las 8:34 am)
I've known this song...Well for as long as I could comprehend that I was listening to the song. I'm only 13...And female..and I know every lyric. So you're not alone XD
Doctor Professor 3000 (el 10/06/13 a las 7:59 pm)
Well, dude, you can enjoy your dumbed down generic mediocre radio music. I'm sorry for your taste.
Shannon Louise (el 01/08/13 a las 7:24 pm)
Most people's favourite songs are something romantic and lovely. NOOOOPE, not me, this song is mine :P I'm such a seed
James Roberts (el 23/07/13 a las 4:47 pm)
How awkward if while you were doing stuff like that you started to scream " No! Never gonna quit! We're just acting like a couple animals!"
Druncle Dave. (el 14/08/13 a las 1:53 pm)
I do a lot of picking on Nickelback. But really, they nailed it on this tune. Great jam.
turnsout689 (el 14/10/13 a las 12:17 am)
There are far worse culprits for that in the rock industry though. The whole Nckleback thing is mostly just a bandwagon.

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