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Canal: Comedy
Subido: 14/03/08 a las 1:25 am
Autor: animorphy

Duración: 00:05
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Ultimos comentarios:
Zeda Borrie (el 02/12/14 a las 8:03 pm)
My reaction to Episode III...
199512Lars (el 23/10/14 a las 5:46 pm)
He recently saw the preview of Star Wars Rebels ;-)
Joachim Wałęga (el 13/09/14 a las 12:04 am)
My reaction when I have noticed that GTA V on PC is delayed to 27th January. :( EDIT: And it's delayed AGAIN... Are you fucking shitting me?
Lester Jones (el 25/12/14 a las 4:44 am)
My reaction to coming back to this video and finding that youtubers are *STILL* repeating the same joke over and over. Would it kill you to try something original?
Chica tha (MLG) Chicken (el 29/12/14 a las 9:33 am)
My reaction when I die at 5 am on night 6
Taylor Kennedy (el 27/08/14 a las 11:39 pm)
My reaction to going back to school (a waste of time).
Zhaneris (el 14/11/14 a las 4:05 pm)
my reaction when I see virgins commenting this video with their nerdy and stupid things 
Super Wario Man (el 30/01/15 a las 8:06 pm)
mi reaccion porque termino tuff puppy
Jack Angel (el 21/06/14 a las 7:20 am)
My reaction to, the new stupid, BS on Cartoon Network, Lucas films being bought by DISNEY (God help us) Justin Beiber actually having fans, how Rap and Hip Hop have bested nearly all other musical forms, the PS4 and Xbox 1 sucking on a grand scale... Shall I go on?
Joey Roller (el 26/01/15 a las 5:46 am)
My reaction to Roman Reigns winning the Royal Rumble.

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