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Elder Scrolls Lore: Ch.13 - Orcs of Orsinium
The Elder Scrolls Lore Series (Biweekly Episodes) Donate to the series @ http://www.shoddycast.com/ Facebook | http://Facebook.com/ShoddyCast... Twitter | http:......
Subido: el 17/08/13 a las 7:39 am
Autor: ShoddyCast
Duración: 14:47
Valoración: 4.9771814
Vistas: 322805
Lord of the Rings Extended Edition - Orcs and Uruk-hai
Subido: el 04/08/11 a las 6:13 am
Duración: 02:22
Valoración: 4.9023476
Vistas: 639535
ORCS! Trailer
They are savage, bestial and barbaric. They are mythical, medieval, and warmongering. They are monstrous, sadistic creatures devoid of human emotion...They a...
Subido: el 22/10/10 a las 9:28 pm
Autor: ArchstoneDistb
Duración: 02:35
Valoración: 3.6293707
Vistas: 672906
More info at http://www.oforcsandmen.com Available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on October11st Take arms and lead the rebellion of the...
Subido: el 09/10/12 a las 12:51 pm
Autor: focusinteractive
Duración: 02:06
Valoración: 4.865997
Vistas: 319128
The Lord of the Rings - Hungry orcs into the forest - The Two Towers 1080p HD
Scene when the orc's come into the forest to have a break, but one orc wants to taste the delicious meat of the hobbits.
Subido: el 08/01/12 a las 7:20 pm
Autor: claudytrollz
Duración: 02:04
Valoración: 4.9012346
Vistas: 62729
Where there's a whip, there's a way!
Frodo and Sam are found by orcs and, being mistaken for orcs, are forced to march with them. From the 1980 animated Return of the...
Subido: el 03/08/06 a las 12:54 am
Autor: NightTorch
Duración: 04:37
Valoración: 4.9179707
Vistas: 1038839
Orcs attack at Lake Town - The Hobbit: DOS
All rights to Warner Bros. https://www.facebook.com/pages All-Movie-Videos/260008877483835?ref=hl.
Subido: el 16/01/14 a las 7:41 pm
Autor: AllMovieVideos
Duración: 02:59
Valoración: 4.9545455
Vistas: 79067
Drachenfest 2012 - Chaos, Orcs and Battles
orklager.org/olforum/index.php ---------------- CC-BY-NC-SA http://nightgoblinworldorder.c... ------------------------------ -------------------- http://ww...
Subido: el 28/12/12 a las 11:23 am
Autor: discosnik
Duración: 06:10
Valoración: 4.9157896
Vistas: 100690
'Lord of the Rings' Horse Fighting Orcs In Heaven
Shadow Fax, Gandalf's horse in 'Lord of the Rings' has died.
Subido: el 15/04/14 a las 8:00 pm
Autor: TMZ
Duración: 01:36
Valoración: sin datos
Vistas: 6310
Orcs Must Die! Unchained PAX Gameplay
We take Midnight for a spin in this offscreen clip of Orcs Must Die!
Subido: el 12/04/14 a las 4:24 pm
Autor: IGN
Duración: 01:20
Valoración: 4.5279503
Vistas: 13415
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