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Tech Talk: Linus Torvalds on git
Linus Torvalds visits Google to share his thoughts on git, the source control management system he created two years ago.
Subido: el 14/05/07 a las 9:01 pm
Autor: Google
Duración: 10:15
Valoración: 4.786994
Vistas: 1415533
Tech Talks : Software Design Patterns -- Building Basic Code Skookum Digital Work's Director of Development walks us through the biggest missteps software developers make when creating...
Subido: el 11/11/13 a las 9:07 pm
Autor: Skookum Digital Works
Duración: 37:17
Valoración: 4.780822
Vistas: 13051
On Getting Creative Ideas
Google Tech Talks March 14, 2007 ABSTRACT Murray Gell-Mann is one of the largest living legends in physics. He's also been described as The Man...
Subido: el 22/08/12 a las 9:27 pm
Autor: GoogleTalksArchive
Duración: 10:29
Valoración: 4.902439
Vistas: 7258
TeknoSeyir TechTalks 2014 sunumu
TeknoSeyir'in Ankara'da katıldığı TechTalks 2014 toplantısını, katılamayanlar için yayınlıyoruz.
Subido: el 01/06/14 a las 12:24 am
Autor: TeknoSeyir
Duración: 26:56
Valoración: 4.9602976
Vistas: 11207
JavaScript: The Good Parts
Google Tech Talks Web Exponents presented by Doug Crockford February 27, 2009 blog post: http://google-code-updates.blo... JavaScrip...
Subido: el 28/02/09 a las 5:22 am
Autor: GoogleTechTalks
Duración: 03:48
Valoración: 4.949142
Vistas: 439508
Transform Your Mind, Change Your Brain
Google Tech Talk September 23, 2009 ABSTRACT Presented by Richard J. Davidson In this talk, Richard J. Davidson will explore recent scientific research on the...
Subido: el 29/09/09 a las 12:51 am
Autor: GoogleTechTalks
Duración: 05:22
Valoración: 4.762788
Vistas: 759443
Intro to CoreOS - Rackspace Tech Talks
Brad Gignac gave a talk on the uses of and getting started with CoreOS. This talk took place on July 2, 2014 at the Rackspace...
Subido: el 06/07/14 a las 8:40 pm
Autor: Racksburg (Rackspace Blacksburg)
Duración: 43:14
Valoración: 5.0
Vistas: 14371
2007 Google Tech Talk: Focus Fusion - The Fastest Route to Cheap, Clean Energy?
Before Focus Fusion-1 became operational in October 2009, Eric Lerner presented the plan to make it happen at Google's Mountain View, CA HQ. What do...
Subido: el 21/04/11 a las 2:32 am
Autor: FocusFusionSociety
Duración: 04:06
Valoración: 4.9432626
Vistas: 19976
Jaspersoft Tech Talks Episode 1: Securing the Jaspersoft Repository
In this Tech Talk we focused on launching Jaspersoft's repository. In this session, we were joined by Customer Success Expert, Raphaël Peguet. If you are...
Subido: el 04/12/12 a las 6:19 pm
Autor: Jaspersoft BISuite
Duración: 05:11
Valoración: 5.0
Vistas: 2022
Greg Kroah Hartman on the Linux Kernel
Google Tech Talks June, 5 2008 ABSTRACT The Linux Kernel, who is developing it, how they are doing it, and why you should care. This...
Subido: el 11/06/08 a las 11:53 am
Autor: GoogleTechTalks
Duración: 49:25
Valoración: 4.8547215
Vistas: 173083
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