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A kid fascinated with airplanes finds himself a Japanese prisoner of war in WW2. The lesson throughout the movie, Empire of the Sun, is that children can't fully understand war. 110,000 views! Thanks again for watching, a link to another video you'd like is at 0:00.

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Subido: 05/04/08 a las 9:48 am
Autor: TomvAllie

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Hurdy (el 09/12/14 a las 4:58 pm)
Ohhh I say Matt Matthew your sure love to type ...ha Watch another video boyo , this kind of shit is too complex for ya !
matt matthew (el 22/07/14 a las 9:54 am)
I still dont understand how anyone could like this song. You cant even understand what hes saying for one. Two theres nothing really to the song. It sounds like he has a di ck in his mouth no joke and or hes speaking in toungs. Also the back ground beat sucks and a five year old could put this beat togeather. Maybe you have to be a pot head or on drugs to understand this song/relate to it.
David Ban (el 01/11/14 a las 5:26 am)
Such a great song. Definitely one of my favorites. 
matt matthew (el 26/07/14 a las 6:29 am)
Tamcon72 for one no im not seeking attention. Two its not like im going back to videos manually were ive commented to check if people have replied to my comments. Any time someone replies to me directly on you tube it sends me a notification directly to my phone. Three the reson for my comments mainly is because I really want to know why people like this song. Why dont you share your opinion about the song and maybe you can enlighten me on why you like the song. Also I dont think this was a neggitive comment I think I left a few negative comments but I was only describing what I was hearing. Why dont you tell me what your hearing in the song and also why you enjoyed or like the song. People say the song/movie are deep. What is the artist or movie trying to say and how is it deep. Lol good luck to you as well I guess.
John Nunes (el 28/07/14 a las 6:08 pm)
I first watched this movie when I was twelve, and listened to this song when I was 18. Both a bit melancholic. Must watch!
Stefano Sem (el 27/06/14 a las 12:02 am)
Kid is Christian bale
matt matthew (el 23/07/14 a las 9:29 pm)
Anubi Onlypc Im not an expert when it comes to music either but if you cant even understand what the words are in the song than thats your first sign that the song is crap. If theres no words or in this case no words you can understand than you listen to the beat and if its bad or just the same beat with the sound of whales and a sound that sounds like someones speaking in tounges in the back ground like this song than its clear that the song sucks. Also speaking in toungs is what I was referring to which means speaking in tongues, is the fluid vocalizing of speech-like syllables that lack any readily comprehended meaning, in some cases as part of religious practice. Some consider it as a part of a sacred language. It is a common practice amongst Pentecostal and Charismatic Christianity. Also im open to others opinion on the song because clearly theres something im missing when it comes to this song being good. It maybe drugs because a few people in the coments said they were doing drugs and always do when they listen to this song.
Greg (el 17/02/14 a las 1:06 am)
Looks like a young Christian Bale..
Tom Allie (el 11/08/14 a las 9:40 am)
New channel, more music vids
matt matthew (el 22/07/14 a las 10:17 am)
It kinda even sounds like an exorcism at certain parts lol. Im trying to like/understand why anyone would think this song was good at all. I tried to give it a chance but it still just sounds like a bunch of mumbling to me with a bad beat.

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