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Joe Clift (el 29/01/15 a las 7:49 pm)
this is such a great pairing. I'd never have thought to put Empire of the Sun to this track but it is absolutely perfect (not even a fan of the film but shit this is good). Well done :)
Will Sullivan (el 18/04/15 a las 5:35 am)
Colleen Sullivan (el 17/03/15 a las 3:51 pm)
I slipped away I slipped on a little white lie We got heads on sticks You got ventriloquists We got heads on sticks You got ventriloquists Standing in the shadows at the end of my bed [x4] Rats and children follow me out of town Rats and children follow me out of town Come on kids...
phatphuck (el 07/03/15 a las 9:45 pm)
I saw that film and the ending, jesus that was bittersweet
Moonage Daydreamer (el 10/06/15 a las 11:38 pm)
Masterpiece of a song, mediocre film.
Nini Meparishvili (el 05/02/15 a las 9:23 am)
Christian Bale <3 amazinng film 
Fernando Quiroz (el 31/05/15 a las 11:35 pm)
Turns out Kid A is Batman /(_ M _)\ | | \/~ V~ \/
Simon Banks (el 21/12/14 a las 5:24 am)
is that the end of this song or the beginning of The National Anthem? Where does this end and that begin? (sorry I had to)
内藤勲 (el 20/12/14 a las 5:55 pm)
Hurdy (el 09/12/14 a las 4:58 pm)
Ohhh I say Matt Matthew your sure love to type ...ha Watch another video boyo , this kind of shit is too complex for ya !

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