Topo Gigio - Strangers in the night [Esp - Eng Sub]



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Topo Gigio Nos interpreta Strangers in the night. Lyrics Strangers in the night exchanging glances Wond'ring in the night What were the chances we'd be sharing love Before the night was through. Something in your eyes was so inviting, Something in you smile was so exciting, Something in my heart, Told me I must have you. Strangers in the night, two lonely people We were strangers in the night Up to the moment When we said our first hello. Little did we know Love was just a glance away, A warm embracing dance away and Ever since that night we've been together. Lovers at first sight, in love forever. It turned out so right, For strangers in the night.

Canal: Film & Animation
Subido: 03/12/08 a las 7:57 pm
Autor: Michicotl

Duración: 03:22
Valoración: 4.7623262
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Ultimos comentarios:
beans Mccann (el 27/02/14 a las 7:46 pm)
Chrystal Fernandez (el 16/02/14 a las 3:34 am)
I remember this when I was young. Thanks for the memory!
pattysminiatureworld (el 26/12/13 a las 8:55 pm)
Thank you .......................bellisimo?...............Merci beacoup? Je't aime TopoXXXX I remember Topo very well!
Lucila Peralta Gavensky (el 20/09/11 a las 12:32 am)
alguien que me explique qué es esto por favor jajaja es muy bueno
Eliana Liranzo (el 11/12/11 a las 3:17 am)
One of my favorite songs.. cantada por uno de mis favoritos :P Topo Gigio - Strangers in the night [Esp - Eng Sub]
Ruth Cheney (el 06/06/09 a las 1:49 am)
He's too cute for words. I remember being totally in love with him as a little girl he was my first boyfriend! What a great dancer!
Amanda Zoe (el 04/04/11 a las 8:59 pm)
so cute gracias por subir este video xD
ilovetheshaytardsfam (el 26/04/11 a las 3:45 pm)
my itallian teacher is obsessed with this
spiderwebs7215 (el 28/12/10 a las 8:58 am)
This is so relaxing
jerrysmith29 (el 29/06/10 a las 8:06 pm)
I love it

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