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Robert Reed (el 14/06/15 a las 2:25 am)
If you ever get off my Island. you better get off my grass,I loved the ownership stuff my this my that. I was coming out of Detroit on I-96 west bound in my Semi. Trucks are not allowed in the left lane but I was in a hurry so i took the left lane and passed soon after I was pulled over by a trooper and as soon as I jumped down and was walking back to him he said what are you doing in my left lane? I smiled and said Marine Corps, he asked how did I know he had been in the Corps? I said the ownership BS he busted out laughing and just gave me a verbal warning about the left lane.
Caedus (el 13/07/15 a las 11:21 pm)
Man this is an old ass video. I remember watching it in 2002! It was filmed around the time of 9/11.
Roy Mustang (el 13/03/15 a las 4:46 am)
There are only two forces in the US military -- Marine Corps and support.
Jonathan Munoz (el 23/06/15 a las 9:23 pm)
My nephew is in the Marines and I am so proud of him.
LUIS OCHOA (el 25/05/15 a las 8:23 pm)
That first guy has the same voice as DMX 
Jonathan Munoz (el 22/03/15 a las 10:25 pm)
My nephew is in the marines I really miss him but I am proud of him.
John Hurley (el 05/06/15 a las 8:21 pm)
I tries to join the marines but I was disqualified for asthma but of course I support our troops USA all day everyday 
Alonzo Lewis (el 14/07/15 a las 3:45 am)
People don't join the Marines or any military.That should be your last option.The Marine Bootcamp is hell.The military will take away your freedom.And unless your an officer,you will be at the mercy of your sergents and higher up.They don't care about you.Unless your homeless and down and out then you can join the Marines.But remember you should be at a mindset that your a dog,your mission is to kill and or be killed,and you are a slave.I went through Marine Bootcamp 10 years ago and I am still pissed off about what happened in bootcamp.Talk to me before joining.
Sean LZX (el 28/02/15 a las 2:37 am)
Their 25 year old kids who wears chain and cover themselves in tattoos boasting about being gangstas. Their 25 year old men who wear plaid shirts and smartly parted hair who rather not talk about what they gone through in afghan. But are willing to show of their hand to hand combat skills if tested. 
The 9/11 Attacks - 'Tuesday Morning in September' A Story (el 11/06/15 a las 6:46 pm)

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