U.S. Marine Corps - Making a Marine (Part 1)



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Real footage of Marine Corps recruit training at Boot Camp. Part 1 (1-6 weeks). Week 01 - Receiving: 2 a.m. new recruits arrive at Parris Island, SC. Week 02 - In the Barracks: Bringing discipline into the recruits routine. Week 03 - Bayonet Assault Course: Turning instruction into intensity. Week 04 - Pugil Sticks: Facing opponents for the first time. Week 05 - MCMAP: Learning Marine Corps Martial Arts. Week 06 - Rappelling: Overcoming fear.

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Ultimos comentarios:
infinity2012starseed (el 16/04/14 a las 10:00 pm)
you just a bitch for the government
beta0blaster (el 10/04/14 a las 12:24 am)
"The recruits of platoon 3092 are growing salty, they are ready to eat their own guts and then ask for seconds." - Joker, Full Metal Jacket
pijef (el 17/03/14 a las 8:00 pm)
The *BEST* of what the United States offers!! Major RESPECT from Pennsylvania!
carbon273 (el 28/12/13 a las 6:43 pm)
Alex Hall (el 09/03/14 a las 11:17 pm)
Imo America should adopt the selection and training that the British do for their military personnel, it would definitely weed out the incompetent and immature individuals that make up a great percentage of our military members, especially the Marines and Navy. 
BannedFromUtube23 (el 20/12/13 a las 9:54 am)
i never actually thought the boot camp was this easy when i joined. the movies make it seem it's hard as fuck but for me i think it's pretty awesome and fun
Tony Modarelli (el 06/02/14 a las 5:01 am)
This is intense.
Mohamed Almualla (el 04/04/14 a las 7:02 pm)
Now i under stand why some of the marines Do not Die easy !
Glenn Watson (el 06/04/14 a las 9:13 pm)
I am struggling to understand what these guys are saying...
bitchezbetrippinn (el 02/04/14 a las 1:37 am)
Sounds like dmx

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