Soldier trash talks Marine, gets whooped



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Lance Cpl. Johnathan Steele, a Marine boxer, teaches a soldier a lesson in humility at the Armed Forces Boxing Championships.

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Jay Soto (el 08/07/14 a las 3:09 pm)
People, let us not forget that Rangers Lead The Way, HOOAH!!!
Earl Lewis (el 08/06/14 a las 6:42 am)
Finally, something to lord over my cousin...a retired Army Chief Warrant Officer: Marines are TRAINED...and I mean TRAINED in various fighting skills. Boxing, rifle, Close Quarters Combat, and now Martial Arts. (Marine Corps Martial Arts Program, or MCMAP.) Like the Seals, Army Rangers, Green Berets, or 82nd / 101st Airborne, we are trained to fight for this great nation. A great phrase comes to mind: Talk smack, back it up. One soldier took things too far, and bit off more than he could munch.
John Sharkey (el 29/03/14 a las 10:13 am)
+incomprehensible14 Its not a lie. it is "unknown". Marines in Belleau Wood, after exhausting their ammunition, beat the Germans to death with their rifles and fists. Shortly after.. the term devil dog was coined. Regardless of where the name came from... you need to calm down with your over exuberant accusations of "LIES". One Marine or one thousand Marines.. They are the most feared force on the planet. So there.. Devil Dogs.
usmc599 (el 07/08/14 a las 8:04 pm)
Talk shit get hit! 
Jason Kriewaldt (el 05/08/14 a las 1:02 am)
Demolished? Hardly.. lol
jimcoult (el 04/08/14 a las 1:16 am)
Cindy Velasquez (el 23/07/14 a las 5:59 pm)
I wanted to be in the marines, but the army had the mos I wanted... BUT THEY ARE MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS, DESPITE THE DIFFERENCES
Arkham Knight (el 08/07/14 a las 3:44 pm)
Finally Marines, after the Army won this 20 years in row you manage to win at least once, good job.
Michael Bear (el 02/07/14 a las 6:01 pm)
Fuck Yes, Semper Fi Marine!!!
HML367 (el 26/06/14 a las 6:05 pm)
Marines, the world's elite fighting force. Gung Ho.

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