Soldier trash talks Marine, gets whooped



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Lance Cpl. Johnathan Steele, a Marine boxer, teaches a soldier a lesson in humility at the Armed Forces Boxing Championships.

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Jared H (el 10/01/15 a las 5:37 pm)
He went full ooah you NEVER go full ooah. You can get yourself killed.
MIKEL0352 (el 14/05/14 a las 8:36 pm)
The thing is this people, and I'm not talking trash, but from bootcamp, we as Marines are taught and trained to fight till the death. Only one branch of the service can join any other branch and NOT have to go through bootcamp, that's the Marines. It doesn't matter if you serve 10 years in the Army as a Ranger, you join the Marines, and you go to bootcamp.
Semper Fidelis (el 21/02/15 a las 2:54 pm)
I wouldn't say demolished but .... XD
Wa'adu Tuhowaedu (el 06/03/15 a las 8:04 pm)
lmfao!!! Love the Army of One line... Semper Fi!
zombiekiller1179 (el 21/11/14 a las 2:59 am)
Guys ppl are fighting which branch is better marines vs army guys let's face it marines proved them selves in Iwo jima and in Vietnam in Wll the nazis were more afraid of the marines more than the army the marines have more uses than the army marines are land sea and air army are just land but end the the army and the marines are just brothers who fight 
Gerald Deliva (el 16/10/14 a las 3:02 am)
wtf, im sorry i know their military and their strong but they just swing, the army guy atleast. the army guy just throw hooks, the only reason hes in the championship is cause hes big and strong but he'd get whooped
Cindy KNOWS (el 23/07/14 a las 5:59 pm)
I wanted to be in the marines, but the army had the mos I wanted... BUT THEY ARE MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS, DESPITE THE DIFFERENCES
matthew gerlach (el 10/11/14 a las 2:45 am)
ooh rahh!!!
Austin DelaRosa (el 09/11/14 a las 6:36 am)
Ooh fucking rahh!! 👌
HML367 (el 26/06/14 a las 6:05 pm)
Marines, the world's elite fighting force. Gung Ho.

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