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TheGranny03 (el 13/03/13 a las 5:36 pm)
That is so sweet!!!
Viazoz (el 19/12/12 a las 12:32 am)
GOD BLESS AMERICA! Greetings from France
cheerhottie743 (el 29/05/13 a las 3:36 am)
Best graduation surprise EVER
Mark Edwards (el 27/10/12 a las 5:32 pm)
God Bless all.. the men who fight.. the family who wait in fear.. the friends and loved ones who stand together.. God Bless all of you. I only wish, I could turn back the colock, and re-enlist to help these brave young people.. but my time is past and my war, the cold war won.. Thanking God, for that victory, which too, had it's fallen. even so.. I'd go if these kids didn't have too, but it's not up to me... Thank you God.. for allowing us to know these people.
Dylan Smith (el 25/11/12 a las 3:00 am)
darrenmparr (el 28/01/13 a las 1:46 pm)
WHo the heck is chopping onions in here again?!! Damn those li'l onion segments don't half make my eyes run!
apapool67 (el 02/11/12 a las 3:54 pm)
Very nice
hambone1ful (el 14/07/13 a las 9:05 pm)
themarinezkickass (el 15/12/12 a las 11:08 pm)
Who keeps peeling the damn onions in my room?
Dude500ist (el 13/07/13 a las 4:52 pm)
damn this made even me cry

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