The Game - How We Do (Instrumental)



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The instrumental of "How We Do" by The Game from the "The Documentary" album. The beat is produced by Dr. Dre and Mike Elizondo. COMMENT AND/OR FREESTYLE.

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Subido: 14/12/07 a las 11:51 pm
Autor: JonabonZ

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Terrell Cooper (el 26/01/15 a las 4:14 am)
I hope this one wins I love this beat haha *Produced by : Dr. Dre, Mike Elizondo &Scott Storch* The Game - How We Do (Instrumental): #thegame #50cent #hiphop #rap 
Joao Silva (el 14/02/15 a las 2:46 am)
Violets are Red David is Luiz is TOTY blue Even a better CB Would be Salomon Kalou
MiningFlamingo (el 27/10/14 a las 8:04 am)
My name is emmi, but my homies call me emminem. You suck, like a duck, I am so good I'm gonna say fuck. My rap is so good, but i'm not from da hood I swoop you like a crow and you're a pota-TO WORD. That is my rap and don't dis me coz I am emminem yo.
Devon Azeem (el 26/02/15 a las 2:56 am)
Verse: This is the shit to get turnt up Got the club goin up Fuck wit us Tryin to dance this fuckin song Got the Versace belt for ya, bae Ice in the rollex Bitches on my dick Fdb She hot We fuck all day Turnt Up erry time Yo
Better Nerf Irelia (el 18/02/15 a las 8:17 pm)
ppl ask me why i got so fat i ate a lot of pussy... suck on that
thatnormalguy9 (el 28/08/14 a las 5:55 pm)
Its easy to talk greasy, It ain't hard to bark, So when the hounds get down, you better play your part. Cuz dodge ball does not have any breaks, either get popped in the balls or get smacked in the face, grab the ball and get to a safe place. cuz you will get hurt, you will get murked, and if you cry like a bitch, they will spread the word, ya heard....
Malachai Voxan (el 15/10/14 a las 7:32 am)
Im really feeling this shit, its really fucking sick, its a pretty damn shame, that this is n old beat. not that im trippin, its really kinda cool, not that that i thinks its bull, but the game was a fool, he was cool dude, but its people like me, who could care less what they do. i was bored... :p
SWAGSUPERSTAR69 (el 21/11/14 a las 2:14 am)
Im so hard Im so smart rappin is my only art i sometimes fart cause I ate too much pop tard - SWAG #comeatmebro
Daniel Easton (el 04/02/15 a las 3:54 pm)
greedy people always want the things that they dont have, take life for granted when i think about it i just wanna go mad, express my feelings and emotions while im writing on ma notepad, im a poet, i speak about truth and u know it, theres evidence that aliens are real but they will never show it, explain how human beings are the only species that is unknown, tryna tell a story that is untold, i speak real shit, hopin that ya feel this, ethnic minorities are targeted and killed quick, it was the 4th of august they shot mark duggan, justified that he was armed and he was running, his death sparked a riot nobody had seen it comin, officer promoted family left cryin,
thgytgjit2195 (el 10/12/14 a las 9:48 pm)
Hiphop Today "It's fucked up how there's people getting coked up making it in music when I struggle to break the lock by writing a bunch of lyrics, I hate that there's 100 songs and I keep going on about struggle and no one wants to sign me, all I see is red and it's quite blinding, I hate the residue fucks who isn't complaining enough trying to get out the slums but smoke a drum, Dudes really are dumb, but I couldn't call it, I aint done shit and they all calling it, Running it, Man, no wonder music is turning to shit, I break my back for these fans who are turning wack, they keep leaving then coming back, I ain't got no mixtape, so they leaving that, Production deal, and that's nothing to feel, no contact for a few days so I'm starting to think that this was all play, It's all okay, 'cause I'm still fighting for my life, not giving up, Underground king, have it my way"

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