"Never a Year Like '09," JibJab Year in Review!



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Octomom. Balloon Boy. Tiger Woods. If there's one thing for sure in this world, it's that as long as people are acting reckless, insane and just plain stupid (i.e. like people), there will always be plenty of material available for JibJab's annual "Year in Review" videos! Also, check it out and comment at http://sendables.jibjab.com/or... !

Canal: Comedy
Subido: 28/12/09 a las 7:27 pm
Autor: JibJab

Duración: 02:17
Valoración: 4.8660893
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Ultimos comentarios:
demondrill (el 07/12/14 a las 11:15 pm)
this is the best year review of them all. hoping 2014 is like this
Captain Karen Obvious (el 12/12/14 a las 11:07 pm)
I've watched this video countless times and I just now made the connection of the "He's gonna let us finish" line to the reference. 
Carlos Crisps (el 03/01/15 a las 10:31 am)
This was from the best, my personal favorites 2005 2007 2009 and kinda 2011
Daniel Shumway (el 16/01/15 a las 5:04 am)
I liked all of the year in review videos, but not a huge fan of 2008 liked 05, 06, 07, 09 '10 '11 '12 '13 and '14 😃
Michael Lover (el 30/12/14 a las 11:18 am)
1:35 YEAH RIGHT, HE NEVER DIED! at least he was at the top of the cake! 1:50 to 2:00
Riehle Emerle (el 24/06/14 a las 6:38 pm)
2009 was the worst year for me...
Iceknife Gaming (el 12/11/14 a las 2:54 pm)
Yo u must use some kind of app to get these views cause really 2million views and only 8 subscribers 😂😂 thats pethetic 
H enryuuki (el 16/02/14 a las 8:42 am)
I'm glad baby 'O8 had a better year the second time...
Pan316e (el 21/12/13 a las 2:43 pm)
2009 was the best year for me...
Lia Kinney (el 01/01/15 a las 12:56 am)
aww I was only 4 when this was uploaded, so many memories so many memories. LOLZ ILL BE 10 ON FEB 23 2015 LOLZ

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