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Quantic Dream, the development studio behind titles like Heavy Rain, has showcased the new technology, entitled 'Kara'. Subscribe Now : http://bit.ly/1aeBFwA. "Kara" is not our next game. It's not the character, it's not the world, it's not the story... . That's a part of the DNA of the studio." tells David Cage. So what is Kara ? As far as we know, it can look after house, do the cooking, mind the kids, organise your appointments, speak 300 langages, and remain entirely at your disposal as a sexual partner... Kara Trailer, by Quantic Dream / PS.

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mericsanver (el 22/02/15 a las 1:32 pm)
Anyone still watching in 2015???
Samuel David Chaparo (el 16/03/15 a las 2:00 am)
make this a real game.. or a movie.. come on !
BETAsatchel (el 20/01/15 a las 5:34 am)
japan's point of view of robots is that one day they will be no different from humans and will live with us peacefully. the U.S's view is one day robots will see humans as obsolete and that they will "discontinue" us and take over. it's really something to think about especially with how advance robots are today........... only time will tell. 
ShadowArtist (el 28/01/15 a las 12:07 am)
Once a mechanoid gains self-awareness, true sentience and emotional capacity on that level, they deserve to be treated as a living, intelligent being and are no longer a tool or object to be used as if their just an object. Humans don't need a "disposable" slave race.. neither an organic or inorganic one.
Dogola da Silva (el 21/01/15 a las 7:33 am)
Her despair almost made me cry :(
Ian Lesiuk (el 15/01/15 a las 7:52 pm)
the new Sunny...
Damien Borden (el 25/08/14 a las 2:23 am)
That was very clever, making the heart visible. An android technically wouldn't need a heart, at least not one that beats regularly. It's a play on the viewer's emotions, a very clever one.
Timothy Wolfe (el 12/02/15 a las 10:04 pm)
Let's all admit, we would all like this to be a real game.
Doughboy Dopest (el 19/01/15 a las 10:12 pm)
That was fucking epic
Ace Nightshade (el 31/12/14 a las 8:37 am)
OMG that Japanese song she sang was AMAZING! What is it called?

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