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Brandon gets an n64 for christmas 1998 and gets way too excited Nintendo Sixty-FOOOOOOOOOOUR!!!!!! ©

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Subido: 26/03/06 a las 11:10 pm
Autor: raw64life

Duración: 01:07
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RikXtreme4 (el 11/11/14 a las 5:53 pm)
like how the little sister is just copying everything the brother does
Sean durkin (el 21/10/14 a las 11:49 pm)
I actually would like this console now and I was born in 2003
gzac95 (el 16/11/14 a las 5:09 am)
I hate children.
Sugar Hiccup (el 14/11/14 a las 12:19 pm)
Lmao they need to calm the fuck down.
Tank Hankerous (el 29/10/14 a las 4:45 am)
I want to rail your sister.
Lucas Vidal (el 27/10/14 a las 6:43 pm)
I know she's being adorable, but I kinda hate that little sister of his. She keeps trying to steal his thunder... >.>
DaveGX (el 26/06/14 a las 5:13 am)
Lol, this video's, so old and at a time when N64 was somewhat obsolete.
SwordSkill2 (el 24/10/14 a las 11:49 pm)
When that kid's parents brought him a PS3 he got a heart attack that's why we never heard of him ever since...
Divine PC Master Race.Bow to your God, filthy console peasants. (el 22/11/14 a las 12:38 pm)
Filthy console peasants!!!
Alen Alic (el 22/10/14 a las 2:18 am)
Today, these little 6 year olds are playing Call of Duty and GTA (I admit, when I was little, I played a ton of Vice City and San Andreas) what happened? Thanks for the memories Nintendo 64.

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