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Brandon gets an n64 for christmas 1998 and gets way too excited Nintendo Sixty-FOOOOOOOOOOUR!!!!!! ©

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Subido: 26/03/06 a las 11:10 pm
Autor: raw64life

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Ultimos comentarios:
ElMaster0599 (el 30/08/14 a las 8:39 am)
Ese pinche mocoso está ENFERMO.. XD XD Probablemente morirá virgen XD
DaveGX (el 26/06/14 a las 5:13 am)
Lol, this video's, so old and at a time when N64 was somewhat obsolete.
Kaptain Kitty (el 19/09/14 a las 4:16 am)
Connor Von (el 27/08/14 a las 9:36 pm)
-2006 -Nintendo 64 This kid is going old fashioned.
SuperPixelGaming (el 09/07/14 a las 7:40 am)
It's funny because the girl thinks it's hers 
pooloflies (el 15/08/14 a las 7:50 am)
Tfw parents would get you a new console with no games...
♂xXOfficialBoyGamerXx♂ (el 26/06/14 a las 2:29 am)
Sounds like kids apocalypse... 0_0
Marbles Smith (el 13/08/14 a las 3:51 am)
I'm ashamed of being a 2000s kid I mean look at the cool consoles that came out back then And today people have iPhone 5ses and 5cs and some future stuff I wish I hade a Nintendo 64 and GameCube 😭
blue yoshi (el 18/08/14 a las 9:04 am)
My reaction when I got a wii in 2010 with super mario all stars I was so happy I screamed yay I got a wii!! I will never forget that day:-D
Matthew Tears (el 15/08/14 a las 1:17 am)
Worlds most grateful kid of all time.

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