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Cosmic Rogue (el 08/02/15 a las 9:36 am)
I was surprisingly hooked after the first 10 minutes. It's really pretty inspiring how a few dedicated people with a meager budget can make an engaging and entertaining film. Though, at the end of the day it's all about storytelling isn't it? A cohesive story and honest acting can create a solid film even when lacking the effects and polish that a bigger budget can supply. (*Hear that, Hollywood?*) 
Kassidy Haddock (el 05/05/15 a las 11:41 pm)
Omg feels! Waaaay to many feels *rolls on floor* I want to be apart of movies like this. *single tear trickle*
Vita1ized (el 22/06/15 a las 7:31 am)
Alright so your next project has to be with the Silmarillion. I would love and donate towards your budget if you did something with Hurin!!
Mayah W (el 08/03/15 a las 1:37 am)
Yeah, so maybe the CGI isn't the best and maybe it doesn't look as realistic as a Hollywood movie. But that doesn't make it any less artistic. These guys were on a budget, but their creativity wasn't. They nailed this movie.
Joey Bagodonuts (el 06/07/15 a las 4:57 pm)
There is a treasure trove of ideas in J.R.R. Tolkiens novels. I'd like to see something about the creation of the wizards. I loved this independent film. It wasn't perfect, but neither were Peter Jackson's work. But each one tells an epic story. BTW, I always thought Aragorn was half elfling. Am I wrong?
Tao Ming (el 18/06/15 a las 4:11 am)
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Soriea Storm (el 04/06/15 a las 2:08 am)
Lets try this again. I accidentally deleted the first one. Lord of the Rings fan film prequel. I watched it a while ago. I think its about Aragon's father and leads up to showing how he ended up with the elves. Fan made stuff is free so enjoy. :D
psykopanda11 (el 27/07/15 a las 1:27 am)
This needs alot more Blood...
brad harris (el 04/04/15 a las 2:33 pm)
i wish hbo would do a series on all the appendix information and all the novels where nothing was made like the similarian or however you spell it
Bill Vrabel (el 22/01/15 a las 11:37 pm)
This was better than all the Hobbit movies put together, there was no gravity defying ninja elves, CGI orcs or horrible unnecessary kiddy humor. I would like to see the director, someday, be given a slightly larger budget and make a Hobbit movie based solely on the book. This movie was very moving and was exactly what I needed.

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