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The BIG BANG: CERN to Restart March 23rd 2015, The Ritualistic Timing and The New Age Deception
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Subido: el 14/03/15 a las 6:47 am
Autor: FreedomFighter2127
Duración: 50:45
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CERN WATCH: Extra Dimensions and Gravity's Rainbow
More evidence that it's not just religious talk that LHC and CERN are trying to open gateways into different dimensions...and they're so happy about it,...
Subido: el 20/03/15 a las 7:16 pm
Autor: FaceLikeTheSun
Duración: 07:14
Valoración: 4.776786
Vistas: 25734
There's Some Very STRANGE THINGS About CERN (2015)
There's Some VERY STRANGE THINGS About CERN (2015)
Subido: el 12/03/15 a las 4:22 am
Autor: KJ Ozborne
Duración: 09:28
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CERN Stargate Portal Opening Imminent? War In Yemen; Gulf Of Aden Vortex; Norway Spiral Connected?
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Subido: el 26/03/15 a las 6:17 am
Autor: GMN Telemedia
Duración: 15:48
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CERN WATCH: Tower of Babel, Solar Eclipse, and the Moon Hologram CERN is about to restart their Large Hadron Collider to experiment again with particle physics in order...
Subido: el 06/03/15 a las 10:51 pm
Autor: FaceLikeTheSun
Duración: 18:05
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The black cube of the beast and Lucifer's transfiguration of death into a counterfeit eternal life. Alchemy: Lead into Gold. Black cube into the Golden...
Subido: el 28/03/15 a las 11:59 pm
Autor: Round SaturnsEye
Duración: 06:33
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A Conversation with author and researcher Anthony Patch. We discuss the very basics of CERN and the Large Hadron Collider, all the way to the...
Subido: el 28/03/15 a las 6:07 am
Autor: FaceLikeTheSun
Duración: 49:39
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The Big Bang Part 2: CERN to Open The Abyss, Turn On Ancient Ley Lines, and Distort Time and Space
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Subido: el 21/03/15 a las 4:03 am
Autor: FreedomFighter2127
Duración: 45:18
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"CERN: MAD DEW!" Re-Creating BIG BANG BEGINS!!!~Live w/Author Anthony Patch!
CERN Opening Gates of Hell Today with Author Anthony Patch we will be discussing CERN Re creating the Big Bang! STRANGELETS...
Subido: el 19/03/15 a las 8:02 pm
Autor: End Times Matrix News
Duración: 18:11
Valoración: 4.7647057
Vistas: 10339
CERN WATCH: Evidence and Connection to the Occult
CERN turned on a few days ago, but some people are still skeptical that this "scientific" endeavor has anything to do with the occult rituals,...
Subido: el 17/03/15 a las 2:19 am
Autor: FaceLikeTheSun
Duración: 25:42
Valoración: 4.780446
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