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Psychedelic Science: Magic Mushrooms
Magic mushrooms have been used ritually by the native people of Mesoamerica for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. In the 1950s, R. Gordon Wasson...
Subido: el 04/11/13 a las 6:47 pm
Autor: ReasonTV
Duración: 05:00
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How to grow magic mushrooms
Click below for an inexpensive and easy to follow guide on how to grow large yields of magic mushrooms. This is...
Subido: el 16/07/12 a las 7:14 am
Autor: wazdz
Duración: 01:09
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Psilocybin-Containing Magic Mushrooms - History And Modern Use (Full Lecture)
Psilocybin-containing "Magic Mushrooms" - History and modern use; from Central America to British Columbia Presentation by Paul Kroeger at the 2012 Vancouver...
Subido: el 22/01/14 a las 5:58 am
Autor: PrimitivePatri0t
Duración: 07:05
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My First Time Trying Magic Mushrooms (Trip Report) (Psilocybin Cubensis)
I tell my story of trying magical mushrooms for the first time. This was several years ago and I still remember it like it was...
Subido: el 07/07/14 a las 5:06 pm
Autor: Felipe Alexander
Duración: 13:59
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Home Grown Morel Mushrooms
YourProduceGuy has grown his own morel mushrooms at home and it's time to show them to you. Morel mushrooms are super delicious but a little...
Subido: el 29/06/13 a las 9:53 pm
Autor: YourProduceGuy
Duración: 04:35
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How to grow Magic Mushrooms with PF Tek instruction video [FULL]
We have made this video together with a written INSTRUCTION manual. You can check it out here: or BUY your spores...
Subido: el 27/03/14 a las 12:08 pm
Autor: getmagiceu .
Duración: 18:23
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Paul Stamets: 6 ways mushrooms can save the world Mycologist Paul Stamets studies the mycelium -- and lists 6 ways that this astonishing fungus can help save the world. TEDTalks...
Subido: el 08/05/08 a las 10:30 pm
Autor: TED
Duración: 18:18
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Mexico's Magic Mushroom Tea
Deep in the mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico natives have been using psilocybin mushrooms, or 'magic mushrooms' for thousands of years not as a drug, but...
Subido: el 11/03/14 a las 7:15 pm
Duración: 03:31
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How Do Magic Mushrooms Expand Your Mind?
Psychedelic mushrooms have been around for thousands of years, and have been used for research purposes and in religious ceremonies! How do these magic mushr......
Subido: el 07/07/14 a las 10:00 pm
Autor: DNews
Duración: 02:54
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Mod Sun - MushrooMS (Official Video)
"MushrooMS" (produced by Mod Sun + Pat Brown) Hippy Hop coming soon iTunes: um/mushrooms/id885620427?i=885620469 Soundcloud: h...
Subido: el 04/06/14 a las 10:35 pm
Duración: 03:07
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