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Kiniest (el 07/07/12 a las 9:34 pm)
Ah, well, have you finished the series?
Brady B (el 15/08/12 a las 5:43 am)
behold, the greatest poet of 2012
Stormsoul22 (el 26/07/12 a las 11:23 pm)
I asked myself that as well. But think about it, in any anime or show where they bring back the dead, it never ends well. I think Future Diary said it best. "You can bring back the body, but not the soul."
ZeroJunior777 (el 20/08/12 a las 12:45 am)
I think she just fixes it in that 'world' or in other words timeline, because homura is really only going back in time, so its like it never happened. so in this timeline madoka has never had or used magic, well until she becomes a deity like being. and she probably couldnt do that because as kyuubey, and basically everyone else said, there has to be an equal opposite or reaction, so since the worlds full of hope, madoka has to create an equal despair, which are the demon no sadly...
kaname kiryu (el 16/08/12 a las 1:42 am)
I love this song and the show kaname love
Victoria Laita (el 15/07/12 a las 6:50 am)
loll >U<
Nick (el 13/07/12 a las 7:15 pm)
I Wonder, Were All Girls In This Show Lesbians...
Zuyaha (el 09/08/12 a las 10:33 am)
Homura is just like Yuki Nagato from Haruhi Suzumiya. Repeating the same 2 weeks over again, in endless eight. In the movie disappearance of haruhi suzumiya. Yuki Nagato was a super shy book worm. She wanted to feel emotion just like everyone else. Homura repeated the same 2 weeks over again to stop Madoka for making a contract with Kyubey.Not only that but to defeat Walpurgis. Although, Homura was the real main character of the show. She was super shy as well. Both of them went through alot.
MMDKittyKat (el 19/07/12 a las 2:40 am)
i've never seen the show i'm waiting for the episodes to come onto youtube in english ...^^;
87fullmetal (el 31/07/12 a las 3:58 pm)
I wasn't even thinking about that..Now that you mention it yes i would..^.^;;

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