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Floyd P (el 21/05/15 a las 8:24 am)
I laughed so hard at the part when gunny punches joker in the stomach.
Mr. Fedora (el 27/05/15 a las 1:00 am)
I hope to dear God, R. Lee Ermey saw this...
Canaan B (el 31/03/15 a las 7:06 pm)
it's no coincidence that at the end of the movie, they all sing the Mickey Mouse song.
SLAM_JAM (el 10/05/15 a las 2:17 am)
Can't understand one fucking word from Donald.
Jody Ross (el 01/05/15 a las 4:20 pm)
Bahahahaha!! I'm in tears right now 
Elmer J Fapp (el 20/03/15 a las 12:01 am)
you win a award if you can watch this entire video without laughing your self to death
Orcaluv26 (el 10/02/15 a las 2:20 pm)
This might be the greatest thing to have ever ruined a movie for me. Now I can't watch the movie without this in my head!
Bryan Snyder (el 16/05/15 a las 10:17 pm)
When Sarge did his war face, and the scream, at that point I lost it. Could not breathe. Started crying.
YOGSCAST Seagull (el 02/07/15 a las 8:02 pm)
whiterthan hitler (el 03/02/15 a las 7:16 pm)
I was in a hysterical fit of laughter at 0:06

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