Full Metal Disney



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Canal: Entertainment
Subido: 15/08/10 a las 10:58 am
Autor: dingdangler

Duración: 03:20
Valoración: 4.935433
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Ultimos comentarios:
Madeforfavoriting (el 12/07/14 a las 4:53 am)
"You will not laugh! You will not cry!" Well, that's where you're wrong, because I laughed until I cried. ; w ;
Dolan Dah Rape (el 26/10/14 a las 3:27 am)
Fak u gooby, y u doin tis.
Dåɾк Armin Arlert (el 25/07/14 a las 5:15 pm)
I request the full move with these voices
Josh West (el 28/02/15 a las 4:28 pm)
War face: ahhhh! Lol
THE DEADPOOL (el 03/12/14 a las 11:21 pm)
Mrswaggerization (el 23/08/14 a las 9:18 am)
DingDanglers if any neckbeard fedora whereing faggots comment please delete them thanks!
Invisifat NotApplicable (el 11/02/15 a las 1:15 am)
A few details to change would be someone who can raise their tone when Donalding, though the actor was impressive as it was, a different flappier sound effect when Hartman walks like Donald's duck feet and hilarious sound effects when Joker gets punched.
DB RAK (el 24/11/14 a las 7:22 pm)
The "gwuuuhhh" from the stomach punch had me rolling
Orcaluv26 (el 10/02/15 a las 2:20 pm)
This might be the greatest thing to have ever ruined a movie for me. Now I can't watch the movie without this in my head!
RevoMation! (el 08/06/14 a las 11:25 pm)
What is this Mickey Mouse shit!

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