Carl Barron at Just for Laughs 2006



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Carl Barron performing at the Montreal Just for Laughs Comedy Festival 2006. For tour dates and more visit

Canal: Comedy
Subido: 10/06/07 a las 10:30 am
Autor: CarlBarronVideos

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Kay Scruton (el 01/12/14 a las 3:16 am)
I don't understand why some people are saying that Carl Barron is not considered funny in Australia. I will have you know that he is hilarious in how he jokes about everyday things. By the way, if you don't find him funny, why are you watching and commenting on videos about him?
normalcc (el 17/11/14 a las 8:15 am)
Why are Australians are the only ones who are putting this guy down. Should be more supportive of your countryman because as a non Australian, I find him pretty funny.
Esther Spriggs (el 27/12/14 a las 5:15 am)
Hey I'm an Aussie. It's how we show we are proud! We are a very sarcastic nation and we create humour out of anything and laugh at ourselves... ;) just letting yous know haha. Good on ya Carl!!! 
fdf610 (el 08/01/15 a las 12:17 pm)
This guy is gayer than aids , add me you gay pooftas
Church Of SSJ4 Flanders doing the fusion dance with obama (el 27/09/14 a las 1:53 pm)
ah yes, the flipflops=thongs routine, mandatory for every australian comedian who visits america. if they do not make this joke, they are tortured by the Australian Comedian Collective deep in working dog's corporate hq, with knives and fire
Trent Jones (el 17/12/14 a las 8:12 am)
Carl Barron is very popular in Australia, these aussies saying he isn't, are nothing but haters, Get fucked.
Fisho yes (el 03/03/14 a las 9:42 am)
Best comedian 
Joshua Mitchell (el 08/01/15 a las 6:23 am)
Fuck he is funny as hell

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