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Shaun Steadwood (el 01/02/14 a las 3:41 pm)
ha ha niice
HC (el 27/08/12 a las 2:41 pm)
if you play zynga you just shouldn't care lmao
CMDavid (el 25/04/12 a las 10:20 pm)
Correction: "Unbealivable LIVE poker" , you see these types of hands all days in online poker.
CocoCrispy22 (el 27/07/12 a las 10:54 am)
nobody folds a monster
Lewis Sinclair (el 14/08/12 a las 9:38 pm)
because he was out of position - when out of position your going to be in the worse place to play as your the first to act. so Yh I always fold AJ-AQ OOP.
interwebPOKER (el 23/11/12 a las 4:54 pm)
4:18 surprised Daniel is awesome :)
philip hofer (el 10/06/12 a las 6:42 am)
bryanakos7 (el 10/08/12 a las 7:35 pm)
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Chris Wright (el 06/06/12 a las 2:51 am)
How many times in a row can I flop the nuts and lose? Not just lose, but lose to some bluffing idiot hwo catches an impossible runner-runner, or the guy who throws huge stacks at gut shots or bottmom pair, or so on. Poker is insane how it rewards the clueless and puneshes the patient.
Stap3s (el 29/05/12 a las 8:09 am)
Tyler Staples

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