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Chris Trent (el 04/03/14 a las 4:26 am)
+juzinhabio89 It does have subs, they're in Kanji and Hiragana.
MusicalRaichu (el 10/04/14 a las 12:50 pm)
uurrhh... this made me cry so much. here's a translation: The first picture you drew of me was a black and white outline drawing. You moved here and there unevenly with difficulty and my smile was crooked. The sound of the pen scratching. You coloured in light and dark shapes. In the world beyond the surface of this sheet, what's the expression on your face? With every sway of your hand this picture you call my body keeps on changing. With each stroke of the pen I am newly brought to life. From where your fingers touch a world begins. I get a body. I get a heart. A peal of throbbing as it starts to move. I find out for the first time in those hands the miracle of life. Your magic hands, your kind hands, like they encompass me, you use them to draw a mouth, a nose, legs, hands, the voice of life. Hey, since you drew me the first time already a year has gone by. You lie about my age, you come up with artistic ideas, a lot has happened, yet … Your face, smiling that you could draw me well, is the best in the world and I love it more than anything, so … There's no particularly deep reason why I was born. I understand that, but at least now you're looking at me. Feeling warm, feeling satisfied, I'm wrapped by you. It's already been obvious for a while now that I'm breathing, but as time passes, even if you forget me and leave me behind, at least I, in this world, go on and on. An endless life = a momentary scene. That is everything that I am, and as long as you remember me I continue to breathe. You will eventually end up forgetting all about me, but at least I, at least this picture, I wonder if it will remain … I wonder if you will remember me, remember this picture. I wonder if I will remain … Don't ever ever forget that you drew me. Be sure to know I will be right here breathing within your hands. In difficult times when your at a dead end, remember me, because I, this picture, I'll be living and breathing. For drawing me with your magic hands, your kind hands, "Thank you."
FateStayNight1000 (el 05/03/11 a las 4:34 am)
who was the one who painted the second one? hitoshizuku P or Suzunosuke?
FateStayNight1000 (el 13/03/11 a las 1:27 am)
@LapinAngelique00 thanks!
juzinhabio89 (el 12/11/11 a las 3:30 am)
Why this song doesn't have subs!!!???
uobg (el 14/01/11 a las 11:49 am)
i like how this song is in Len's range. Other vids make him sing super high notes. This song is so nice~
xEclarex (el 20/04/10 a las 12:23 am)
OMG. You that is brilliant!
ONE-OK-ROOkEiZ-IS-STANCEPUNKING-My-Life-Story (el 11/01/11 a las 9:32 pm)
ZoulouVideo (el 23/10/11 a las 4:16 am)
You forget Himitsu no Kurai ito !
Negau Kagayaku (el 09/10/11 a las 12:56 am)
The speedpaint and the song and the fact that it's Len and just sklghfd- I'm in love <33333333333

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