The Last Samurai OST #1 - Way Of Life



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The Last Samurai Hans Zimmer 2003 Extraordinary Soundtrack.

Canal: Music
Subido: 21/03/08 a las 2:20 pm
Autor: Jan Rešetić

Duración: 08:04
Valoración: 4.9250855
Vistas: 4416659


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Ultimos comentarios:
Regina Guimard (el 22/04/12 a las 1:17 am)
Andrea Rossi (el 01/09/12 a las 1:17 am)
Suddenly, a deep comment on Youtube. On this marvel. *They [the samurai] were destroyed because the modern world took over. The question is not if, but when we humans will destroy ourselves. We are the only species on this planet that do not live in equilibrium with nature. We destroy the planet that provides us with life. Unless we grow far beyond what we are today will we survive. I doubt it though, and honestly I don't think we'll be missed by mother nature.* Shudders.
Iyke Sylver (el 10/11/12 a las 3:11 am)
I Just Love This Particular Sound Track, Its Just Perfect !
Kakaesmen (el 21/11/12 a las 5:26 pm)
or because no one tells them to hate themselves, like everyone have done to white people after WW2.
fisichella78 (el 30/11/12 a las 2:40 am)
damn....that master flute in the end....brings you japan's history in a flash right in front of your eyes....
ShinXari (el 24/11/12 a las 11:47 am)
You don't know how much i would like to cease to be cynical. But facts rarely contradicts that part of me.
Kokosaknejvetsi (el 06/12/12 a las 6:54 pm)
7AAA7 (el 19/11/12 a las 1:20 pm)
So you mean that, searching for knowledge and perfection in ones ART is no proper way in life? hmmm, strange....But we all have your opinions...
ShinXari (el 24/11/12 a las 11:53 am)
In the past i was like you...and a part of me still wants to believe in the goodness of man...of the world...of life. But....there is a quote from the Bible that, even if i'm not a believer, i find true "He who increaseth knowledge, increaseth sorrow". And that's what i've done... and these are the results.
ridiculousnoble (el 21/11/12 a las 11:30 pm)
Sounds like a pain free, numb world. One where pleasure isn't understood.

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