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Kakaesmen (el 21/11/12 a las 5:26 pm)
or because no one tells them to hate themselves, like everyone have done to white people after WW2.
fisichella78 (el 30/11/12 a las 2:40 am)
damn....that master flute in the end....brings you japan's history in a flash right in front of your eyes....
ShinXari (el 24/11/12 a las 11:47 am)
You don't know how much i would like to cease to be cynical. But facts rarely contradicts that part of me.
Kokosaknejvetsi (el 06/12/12 a las 6:54 pm)
7AAA7 (el 19/11/12 a las 1:20 pm)
So you mean that, searching for knowledge and perfection in ones ART is no proper way in life? hmmm, strange....But we all have your opinions...
ShinXari (el 24/11/12 a las 11:53 am)
In the past i was like you...and a part of me still wants to believe in the goodness of man...of the world...of life. But....there is a quote from the Bible that, even if i'm not a believer, i find true "He who increaseth knowledge, increaseth sorrow". And that's what i've done... and these are the results.
ridiculousnoble (el 21/11/12 a las 11:30 pm)
Sounds like a pain free, numb world. One where pleasure isn't understood.
curubor (el 04/12/12 a las 9:06 am)
anybody else thinks this movie is underrated?
soulwiking (el 27/11/12 a las 9:41 pm)
Of course
Fernando Castro (el 25/11/12 a las 4:56 am)
Wow Hans Zimmer #Epic Soundtrack

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