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Roman Maximus Howell (el 15/07/15 a las 9:14 pm)
2019 anyone?? Lol jk but anyone in 2015 watching
FlintFilmz (el 04/07/15 a las 11:17 pm)
This is the 4th of July song now ~.~ God Bless America!
Ŋσũя Ęℓђỗḓắ (el 10/07/15 a las 12:50 am)
#mileycyrus #PartyInTheUSA 
Nino (el 26/07/15 a las 12:02 am)
I remember this from 2009. She was fucking hot.....''WAS''
Niramol Watt (el 10/07/15 a las 9:56 pm)
miss this old miley cyrus!!
Documentary Channel (el 07/07/15 a las 6:57 pm)
It's a party in the Stalingrad.
rarity (el 29/07/15 a las 1:55 am)
اغنيه مايلي سايروس لاغنيه Party in the usa حفلة في امريكا
Fapplet (el 04/07/15 a las 9:03 pm)
Viviana Gonzalez (el 17/07/15 a las 7:06 pm)
What happened to the old miley 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
JOBROFAN1583 (el 04/07/15 a las 9:00 pm)
i find it real funny how everyone in the comments are like "i want this miley back" "the old miley was so much better" yet you were STILL giving her hard time back then you were STILL calling her a slut and a bad role model when this wasn't even horrible as you can see SHE STILL HAS HER CLOTHES ON IN THIS VIDEO and she now knows EXACTLY who she is you just don't understand how much pressure disney put on her she announced on oprah back in 2008 that she was gonna cut her hair and she fuckin KEPT that promise because she knew EXACTLY who she wanted to be she just never could do that because she was under disney's label and now she's free to do whatever the fuck she wants she's a WOMAN now wtf cares if she gets naked DON'T GET YOUR PANTIES UP IN A TWIST just because you see a naked girl and besides i thought it was every guys' DREAM for a girl to get naked anyway LEAVE US GIRLS ALONE AND LET US EXPRESS OURSELVES THE WAY WE WANT IT cause if this was a guy then you would be PRAISING HIM LIKE JESUS THIS IS WHY DOUBLE STANDARDS NEED TO STOP and also last time i checked a slut is a person who sleeps with a bunch of people HTF WOULD YOU KNOW IF MILEY SLEEPS WITH PEOPLE YOU'RE NOT HER VAGINA SO QUIT CALLING GIRLS SLUTS JUST BECAUSE THEY DRESS DIFFERENTLY OR DOES NAKED PHOTOSHOOTS

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