Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika-Grief Syndrome Part 1



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[Read The Description] This one my favorite anime of 2011 and i have to try the game too i think the game is good but too small and i can play with those girl the user guns they are kind slow and they have less time the other girl the user sword an spear i will try to play with all of them but i dont know if i will beat the stage with them but still a fun game i recommend try it there is a also way to play online but i dont know how i saw it tutorial on youtube _____________________________ _______________________________ Grief Syndrome is an action game based on popular anime "Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika." There are five girls to choose from, and each comes with different arsenal. This game combines anime-style with hand drawn with pastel colour for background. RPG elements are also included where characters can raise their level. Another interesting feature is combo system and rewards that can be unlocked if meet certain conditions. Grief Syndrome was released on Comiket 80 2011. Game Information Genre: Action Developer: Twilight Frontier Publisher: Twilight Frontier Language: Japanese

Canal: Gaming
Subido: 30/12/11 a las 1:52 am
Autor: AginoEvolutionHD

Duración: 23:36
Valoración: 4.7944665
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Ultimos comentarios:
Izzy Moore (el 23/08/14 a las 5:40 am)
Is it weird that I found Charlotte adorable in her first form in the anime until she turned into the second one and killed Mami? xD
Daniel Ryan (el 16/08/14 a las 6:20 am)
Where can I find this opening...?
Hernan Anastacio (el 25/10/14 a las 5:40 am)
I'd like to know the opening please
Slime Angle (el 01/10/14 a las 4:13 am)
My fave anime too :3 the feels though
Jonathan Bautista (el 28/09/14 a las 12:57 am)
What is the song from the beginning. Plese :)
charles liong (el 03/10/14 a las 3:34 pm)
what title this song
rRecoveryProd (el 30/07/14 a las 9:36 am)
Is the opening fan-made? If it is, have you released a separate video?
Angelina Vazquez Vax (el 20/07/14 a las 11:00 pm)
I thught this was suposed to be scary
Msmusicful (el 02/02/14 a las 2:00 pm)
Im wrong arent i 
Magical Girl Nagisa Momoe (el 25/06/14 a las 1:32 pm)
My favorite anime ^-^

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