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Moreno Addad Hassem (el 19/04/14 a las 5:11 pm)
This playing with the actual suicide mission is probably one of my best 5 experiences with any Videogame of any generation I've played. This game is really on another level compared to ME3. While ME3 can be mentioned alongside this new wave of sterile, lifeless, mechanic games, ME2 has unpretentiously deep character, soul and meaning, and belongs to the hall of the very best. 
Jona (el 15/04/14 a las 11:00 pm)
This theme is way too good for anything post ME1 in terms of narrative. Credit to the guys for creating a theme that beats the actual "suicide mission" that is so pathetically unsuicidal. This should have been used in ME3 when your combined intergalactic fleet engages the reapers and you get you countless reapers getting obliterated. Instead you see one reaper take a bit of damage and then have to bend over and take it up the ass from a deranged computer generated brat with no logic. My god this franchise had so much promise that flushed down the toilet. Still at least they got the TPS mechanics working from ME2 onwards. That IS the most important thing right? Right?
Ricardo B. (el 14/04/14 a las 9:22 am)
Anyone knows the name of the soundtrack that plays during that little questionnaire in the shuttle with Miranda and Jacob, after you leave the station where you wake up? 
Mr. Person (el 09/04/14 a las 9:42 pm)
I just had a thought, Imagine this game with the oculus rift VR in first person with the omnitreadmill and a plastic gun. Play the ending where you pick up your two crew members and haul ass to escape before the place blows. That would be the greatest tech demo EVER. 
TheIrishCruaadr Green (el 08/04/14 a las 6:47 pm)
when i first heard this, i knew something bigs gonna happen
Joe27157Productions (el 06/04/14 a las 8:15 pm)
I can hear 'Doctor Who - The Majestic Tale Of a Madman in a Box' in this soundtrack!!! 
magmablock (el 15/01/14 a las 3:37 pm)
This whole mission is without a doubt my favorite moment in any game, ever.
Teddie Sage (el 10/02/14 a las 3:23 pm)
This theme song reminds how much Commander Shepard will always be one of my favourite characters.
The Lone Wanderer. (el 05/03/14 a las 10:28 am)
I listen to this when i train. Too bad ME3 was a bit rushed.. but hey, you can't spell "steal" without "EA"
DigitalVirusX2 (el 19/01/14 a las 9:15 pm)
Why did the ME3 ending have to be so depressing? Especially after an ending like THIS!?

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