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DOGE 0_0 (el 23/03/15 a las 1:44 am)
Anyone ever notice how the U.S. is so similar to Rome? I mean the fall of the REPUBLIC like the Roman republic. It's eerie how similar they are
rick burns (el 28/03/15 a las 6:35 pm)
57 states and more one to go isn't there 50 states in the us or was i was lied to in school
trey9386 (el 11/02/15 a las 9:14 pm)
Watching this in 2015 and laughing my ass off.
longtime beachbum (el 11/02/15 a las 9:41 pm)
fall of the republic came about more than 150 years ago, and obama didn't start it!
Fabricio Valdes (el 11/02/15 a las 2:32 pm)
dictator Saddam Hussein - 2006 dictator Muammar Gaddafi - 2011 dictator Barack Obama - 2015
JASCOBAR (el 01/03/15 a las 10:48 pm)
Barbarians at the gates and within the gates.
Joshua LaPointe (el 04/03/15 a las 8:53 pm)
We breathe air for free to survive yet at some gas stations you have to pay a dollar to fill your tires with it.
Carey Feazel (el 12/05/15 a las 7:36 pm)
So that is it? Obama hands over power to the UN as president and then as President of the UN Security counsel, he takes power through the UN after he steps down as president....That might be the missing piece to all this??????? definitely one of them for sure......
Ola Nordmann (el 16/01/15 a las 10:19 pm)
Great video Mr. Jones! Support from Norway!
Matador Firmino (el 22/04/15 a las 8:26 pm)
Before laughing, observe the changing happening gradually for worse...

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